Music’s Pandora Box

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Pandora is a Web 2.0 site that will match a artist or the song’s title to what they describe and try matching it… Basically it’s music, but with a twist. Leaving them with the music, it may be worse… or it could be something that will save your reputation… likely not.

The interface is simple, type in the song or artist name and Bob’s your Uncle… you get music that is similar depending on what they describe it. It something when you want to interesting music without buying the song [or in some cases, pirate it by BitTorrent, Limewire, etc…]Â or go in your library. It depends… but if your like me, a crazed and mad music listener; your library might have thousands and thousands of songs.

It seems to work and you get CD quality sound. It also acts like a CD player; as you can skip and pause tracks. However, there is a limit to how many songs you can listen. This is usually is reseted every hour. But to pass that time… just add the same station again until the hour is done, and you will be able to listen to a new song.

I didn’t feel a ‘wow’ factor about it… It could be the fact that I’m writing this very, very late. But hey… it’s just crap. No offense to people who love this service, but it’s abstract design can be an eye soar; and some of the music that is related to a song is just plain awful.

I see this site to be one of the casualties when a new bubble is to burst… the Web 2.0 bubble. But hey, an alternative has been set up…!