From Microsoft to Apple?

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The E.U. has now charged Apple and the ‘Big 4’ major record labels for restricting it’s music only to be played in iTunes or the iPod. The commission probe has found that in France, you pay 99 Euro cents; but in the U.K, it’s 99 British pence. You think this in France, you pay higher than Britain; you are wrong… In comparison between them and the U.S dollar, France pays US$1.32 and Britain is US$1.59.

The Apple iTunes and iPod are Apple’s flagship product, with 80% of the MP3 market share. It’s DRM, titled FairPlay, can be only played in all the iPods and the Motorola Rokr. Comparing that to Microsoft’s PlaysForSure, Microsoft’s DRM can play it’s DRM music in Creative, Toshiba, SanDisk, etc. MP3 devices. However, the Zune DRM is not related to PlaysForSure and will only work on the Zune.

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