Welcome Bill Gates…

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CNET News.com [.com.com.com.com.com…] has made some changes, including making Bill Gates as the user using the site. As well, making some several weird stories like…

Forced into computer simulation, His Holiness’ efforts to recreate Tibet are marred by newbie problem of box stuck on head. China denies employing “griefers” disguised as anatomical members.

Diagnosed with cataracts, Jimmy Wales invites first 100 people who show up at his home to perform surgery. “There may be some trial and error, but I’m confident the community will make the right decisions,” Wales said.

Popular search engine charged with trying to smuggle suitcase of copyrighted Viacom videos out of the country. MTV and Colbert Report clips are discovered during body cavity search.

Anyway… have a happy April Fools’ Day!