The Web 2.0 [.01]

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The Web is increasing by many millions of pages every day as it has become the source of what we do. We buy music [legally or illegally, your choice], do our shopping, communicate and get informed by breaking news. Yes, the internet has made everything possible… However, something in your hand can make that change… Your Mobile Phone…

Yes, the mobile phone is now getting more credit as its features are increasing. So what has made the phone a powerful ally to Web 2.0. It’s simple, SMS and 3G.

So, what made Web 2.0 connected to your phone… Twitter. Twitter is a new ‘social networking’ site that allows you to send a SMS to them and it will update your page directly. For example; usually in a blog, you would write something about the entire day. Twitter takes it one step further and allows you to write something that’s happening right now without getting to a computer. For example, Pete Cashmore from Mashable put up this diagram of how the internet has changed thanks to Web 2.0.

As well, Yahoo! is increasing it’s mobile options with it’s new OneSearch. OneSearch allows you to search the entire web, images, local businesses, maps, directions, etc. depending on your location. It’s currently implemented in the US only. But Yahoo!7, a company owned by Yahoo! and Seven, have put Sunrise and Home and Away with some mobile content, like pictures of the week’s episodes, Joke of the Day, Recipes, etc. This is partly due to Seven owning a 33.33% share in

But what about smartphones, or Pocket PCs. They technically can see the same page as mobile phone users. However, they basically need you to connect to a wi-fi spot [Smartphones connect to the internet the same way as mobile phone users do…]

The internet is increasing… with the help of your phone.