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Samsung Australia launches new Multiroom Audio speakers

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Last night, Samsung Australia officially launched the new Multiroom Audio speakers at an event in Sydney featuring Australian DJ duo, Flight Facilities. The new range of speakers include the M5 and M7 (pictured above) triangular speaker, a Soundbar and a Home Theatre System. When multiple speakers are paired with the M2 hub (RRP $79), you can group speakers together and play your music in perfect sync. “Home audio has come […]

Network Ten axes ‘Wake Up’ breakfast show, 150 other jobs

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It’s no secret that Network Ten has experienced difficulties in building and maintaining their audience in recent years. Today, after days of reports and leaks, Ten CEO Hamish McLennan has announced that the network will be cutting 150 jobs, including the staff of breakfast show, Wake Up, as well as the networks early, morning, and late news bulletins. Non-presenter jobs, such as the jobs of editors, floor managers, camera operators, and technicians will also be […]

Telstra announces national Wi-Fi network – two million hotspots in five years

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Image: Stewart Wilson/TechGeek Telstra has confirmed rumours that it will create a national Wi-Fi network called “Telstra Wi-Fi”. Scheduled to launch in early 2015, it plans to have two million hotspots across the nation within five years and will be available to all – irrespective if you are a Telstra customer or not. In order to create the network, Telstra will build more than 8000 hotspots across the country in social precincts and community […]

Meet the Xiaomi Mi Pad… or the iPad Mini for Android lovers

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Look familiar to you? Yeah, me too… Meet the Xiaomi Mi Pad. It’s a 7.9-inch plastic colourful tablet which very much resembles the iPad Mini. The Mi Pad is the first to feature NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor which was announced in January at CES. It also features 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB of storage with the option of expanding up to 128GB with a MicroSD card and runs Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. […]

About time… Spotify releases their new Windows Phone app

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Remember back in February when Spotify promised that the new Windows Phone update was being released soon? Well “soon” is finally here! The app features a brand new design, Discover and Browse functionality and the Radio feature. Interestingly, the new design looks much like the older Spotify for Android design and really doesn’t incorporate the modern look and feel that Windows Phone has. The app features: Completely redesigned to bring you […]

One Telecom/ONEseniors services cancelled, existing numbers lost

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If you cast your mind back to August of last year, you might remember about the huge ispONE fiasco that cancelled over 280,000 mobile phone services due to unpaid Telstra invoices. Two major resellers, Kogan Mobile and Aldi Mobile were stuck in the middle while Telstra and ispONE worked out their differences in court. However, there were still a number of customers from both One Telecom and ONEseniors (retail arms of ispONE) which […]

TechGeek Windows Phone app receives minor update

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Stewart Wilson / TechGeek It’s been very quiet on the TechGeek app front but we’ve finally pushed out version 2.0.6 to WP8 and WP8.1 users! This update allows you to listen to Techcast easily and quickly within the app and you can subscribe to the podcast using your favourite podcasting app on WP8.1 (WP8 users cannot use this option). It also fixes some small issues with crashing. While TechGeek is […]

Report: As Vic Gundotra departs, Google+ will fade into the background

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It feels like just yesterday that we first got our hands on Google+, the social network that was meant to put more control in the hands of its users through ‘Circles’, rather than a binary list of Friends. At the time, I wrote that “Google+ just feels like Facebook and Twitter combined with a few more and a few less features,” which wasn’t exactly a unique critique of the social […]

To those tweeting terrorist threats to airlines: what the fuck is wrong with you?

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“My apologies go out to all but why can’t y’all take a joke,” said one Twitter user named Alden Fernandez. This was in response to a tweet he earlier sent to American Airlines that a bomb was “going [to go] off on six of your aircrafts”. This is one of many tweets coming in from some very stupid and idiotic teenagers – because they think it’s pretty funny to send tweets […]

No, Commonwealth Bank is not running OpenSSL

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Everyone is freaking out about Heartbleed – that massive security bug that may have comprised people’s passwords, usernames and other encrypted information. And rightly so. Many people are now asking companies if they used OpenSSL and if they used the versions that contained the bug. But when the Commonwealth Bank tried to explain whether or not they were running OpenSSL, it made things even worse. That was largely because a blog post […]

Samsung sues Korean newspaper over negative report

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Samsung is no stranger to threatening the tech media – remember, they threatened to leave two bloggers in Berlin because they refused to promote their products at IFA in 2012. Well, the South Korean company is now suing a Korean newspaper, the Electronic Times, after it wrote a negative news article about the Galaxy S5. The article, published on March 17, claimed that Samsung was having issues with producing the six lenses […]

triple j announces new digital station ‘double j’

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Before there was ‘real’ digital radio, the ABC was broadcasting a new kind of radio station to digital TVs across the country. In 2002, ABC DiG, as it was called at the time, was an automated radio station, more like a jukebox, focusing on a more contemporary Adult Alternative genre. With no presenters, it was just about the music, though was obviously a very low-budget affair. As the years have gone […]

4chan adds WebM support for “better animated images”

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Google’s WebM video format now has an unlikely backer. The infamous imageboard 4chan has announced that it will allow users upload WebM videos to the site, in order to provide “better animated images” support. Because the file format is being used as an alternative to the traditional animated GIF, 4chan will only accept WebM video with no audio, that are shorter than 120 seconds long, no larger than 2048×2048 pixels, and […]

Facebook acquires Nintendo in US$25 billion move

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Despite a partership this morning with the Google Maps team, Ninendo is now officially a Facebook company. With disappointing sales of the Wii U, it’s no surprise that Facebook decided to pounce on the company, known for their incredibly unique and priceless IPs. The deal will include the Mario franchise, as well as many other high-profile Nintendo properties, with the concluded sale to cost US$25 billion in a mixture of […]

Yahoo to poach YouTube stars for new video service

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Image: Magnus Hoij/Flickr (Creative Commons) Money makes the world go ’round, and Yahoo knows it. Today Recode is reporting that Yahoo will soon launch a new video service to take on YouTube. And while that might sound like a laughable endeavour, with YouTube yet to have a competitor steal their mainstream userbase, the company is hoping that the popularity of YouTube’s own stars is more important than the popularity of YouTube […]