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Stream live to YouTube with HTC RE Camera

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A new software update will allow the HTC RE Camera to stream live to YouTube. The updated app is already available on Android, however, the iOS app will be updated later in Q1. The new app allows you to login to your YouTube account and select whether or not the live stream will be public or private. The live footage will be streamed to your mobile phone and then streamed […]

Netflix to launch in Australia on March 31

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Tech Guide is reporting that Netflix will launch in Australia on March 31. The service will launch with a three-tier pricing system which starts at $9.99 per month. The date and pricing was confirmed by Tech Guide through a source during CES in Las Vegas. Netflix, however, were tight-lipped during CES about any details regarding the Australian Launch. Previously, Netflix haven’t revealed too many details about the launch, except to say […]

TPG withdraws NBN competitor fibre service after Turnbull’s new rules

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Photo: Kainet/Flickr (Creative Commons) New rules imposed by the Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull have forced TPG to withdraw its superfast fibre-to-the-basement service, which competes with the National Broadband Network. As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald today, TPG posted on its website that it was advised of the new regulations on December 14 that precludes them from selling the service after January 1st of this year unless they taking certain […]

Tinder experiment reveals online predators are using the app to meet underage girls

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A lot of people have done dating experiments on Tinder, like wearing a fat suit and seeing how many people will go to a frozen yogurt shop to meet a girl. This latest one, however, will send a chill down your spine. A Melbourne-based group have created The Tinder Experiment, where they confront the people who are using the app to groom underage girls into having sex. We noticed an alarming […]

Very stupid people are complaining about losing followers after Instagram’s spam crackdown

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Instagram has been cracking down on spam and fake accounts. However, not everyone is pleased with the move. “Social media celebrities” are really angry with the move because they are seeing their follower count drop, showing how influential they really are on the photo-sharing website. This is despite the company telling people since last week: We’ve been deactivating spammy accounts from Instagram on an ongoing basis to improve your experience. […]

Amaysim to introduce 4G plans in April

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Amaysim has announced that it will soon be offering 4G plans, after the prepaid mobile operator renewed a wholesale agreement with Optus today. Previously, Amaysim has only been able to offer plans on Optus’ older 3G network. The company says that they plan to introduce 4G plans around Easter next year. Optus says that by the time Amaysim starts offering their 4G plans, its 4G network will cover 90 percent of the Australian […]

16 Stories (From Us) That You Really, Really Must Read Before The End Of The Year

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For the past twelve months, our writers have been hard at work producing some brilliant work – from producing really in-depth reviews on gadgets, insightful opinions on technology, and reporting on serious issues underreported by the tech press. Of course, with the amount of content being published from everyone online, our articles often get pushed down the list. So, here’s some of the best articles produced by our writers this year – […]

Surge Pricing: Uber’s response to Sydney’s Hostage Siege

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During the frightening hostage scene in Sydney’s CBD, Uber’s ‘Surge Pricing’ has hit people in times of need, forcing them to pay a $100 minimum to use the car service. Put simply, When demand increases, Uber will increase it’s pricing by two, three, even four times the base price dependant on the type and amount of demand. During the distressing situation of the Sydney CBD Hostage Siege, concerned people were […]

GIFT GUIDE: Netflix in Australia (Plus Chromecast Guide)

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  Netflix is amazing! You get access to thousands of shows and movies for almost peanuts per month – the only downside is that it’s only available in selected countries and one of those not lucky enough to have Netflix locally is (surprise) Australia (not until March 15 anyway). There have been several articles on Netflix coming to Australia or similar services being introduced by Foxtel but nothing compares to […]

HTC’s RE Camera now available for $249 AUD

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First announced in October, HTC has today announced that the RE Camera will launch today in Australia. If you’re not sure what the RE camera is, it’s a small, one-hand camera (which resembles a periscope). The RE is extremely portable, has no viewfinder and is a major GoPro competitor. It has 1080p HD video recording and a 16 megapixel camera with a huge 146-degree wide angle lens. “We are very excited to […]

Hackagong is back for 2014 – over $100,000 worth of prizes

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Hackagong, one of Australia’s largest ‘hackathon’ events is back on for 2014 and is offering over $100,000 worth of prizes and giveaways for it’s competitors. Hackagong is an annual, weekend-long hackathon competition held in Wollongong where teams of designers, developers, creators and business-minded people get together and build something from start to finish in 30 hours. Hackagong first started in 2012 by founder Nathan Waters and since then, Hackagong has […]

Netflix confirms Australia and New Zealand launch in March 2015

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After all the speculation and rumours (and the occasional hissyfit from Quickflix for not being fair), it all came down to one surprise announcement in the form of a press release. Yes, Netflix has finally confirmed that it will launch in Australia and New Zealand in March next year. “Internet-connected users in Australia and New Zealand will be able to subscribe to Netflix and instantly watch a curated selection of […]

HANDS ON: ID@Xbox features heavily at PAX Australia

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Microsoft’s recent push for indie development was on full display at this years PAX Australia. Whilst Xbox’s massive booth devotes a fair proportion of space to Sunset Overdrive, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the rest of the space is dedicated to indie developed games. The ID@Xbox space featured many locally developed games such as the popular Screencheat, and E3 2014 showcased games such Ori and the Blind Forest and […]

GIVEAWAY: Win one of five PAX AUS 2014 exclusive Smite skin code

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Love Smite, the free to play online MOBA, and didn’t have the chance going to PAX AUS this year? Today’s your lucky day. Thanks to Hi-Rez Studios, The exclusive skin is He Bo’s Sydney Shredder, where he trades his Chinese robes for something more fitting: a wetsuit and a crocodile. Note, this skin is currently not available within the marketplace, making this highly valuable. Be quick, the competition closes Wednesday, […]

PAX AUS 2014: Hands on with Logitech Orion Spark

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RBG keyboards have been taking the gaming world by storm, allowing gamers freedom to customise their appearance of their gaming rig. Logitech has just announced their contender: the Logitech G910 Orion Spark. Made from the combined input from gamers and eSport athletes, this keyboard was specifically design to provide that competitive edge. Using the latest and exclusive Romer-G Mechanical Switches, input lag is now a thing of the past – […]