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Subbable lets users directly support online creators – through monthly subscriptions

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Being an online creator is tough work, especially on large platforms such as YouTube. Advertising inherently favours those who can attract audiences, not those who produce quality content that may not get views. That’s all about to change, however, with the launch of a brand new voluntary subscription service Subbable. Started by the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green, the new service is sort of a mixture of Kickstarter and YouTube’s own […]

First Look: The Legacy of Barubash (Kactus Games)

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At PAX Australia Kactus Games showed their latest game The Legacy of Barubash and TechGeek was given an opportunity to play a small portion of the game. The Legacy of Barubash is top-down action-RPG game where the player commands Kaleb, a young hunter trying to save his wife and unborn child from an endless sleep. I had a chance to play the demo during PAX Australia with the CEO Kamil […]

Optus wants you to help them fix their network with new Android app

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Optus will use crowdsourcing to help find problems with its network – such as slow data speeds, signal coverage inside buildings, and black spots – with the help of its Android customers thanks to its newest update to its OptusNow app. The app automatically sends network information from your phone at any given location, letting them pinpoint where to fix the issues. The feature is an opt-in feature (you can […]

Competing with free: Navman partners with Nokia to bring their GPS lineup into the cloud

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With more and more Australian’s trading in their dumbphones for smartphones, all-in-one devices that continue to replace entire product categories, it isn’t hard to assume that a dedicated GPS is irrelevant in 2013. If a smartphone, which is on you at all times, has a GPS inbuilt, surely all that’s needed is a free app and you’re ready to drive. To convince non-believers otherwise, TechGeek and a number of other […]

First Look: TownCraft (Flat Earth Games)

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At PAX Australia Indie Pavilion, TechGeek was able to get a hands on look on the recently released game, TownCraft. This strategy/simulation game focuses on the player’s ingenuity of building a thriving town from nearly nothing. Players will be able to gather resources, grow crops, manage mines, craft over two hundred unique items and build structures. While the game has a storyline told via given quests, this section of the […]

Copperhead joins Batman: Arkham Origins

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Announced at San Diego Comic Con, one of the would-be assassins in Batman: Arkham Origins was revealed as Copperhead. Copperhead was first introduced in the 1960’s as an adversary of Batman. Unlike the comic version, Copperhead would be appearing as an androgynous snake female; instead of a male wearing a snake costume. This new interpretation of Copperhead is described as a prodigious killer who utilises poisons to incapacitate her victims. Copperhead […]

The Music of Killer Instinct

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Mick Gordon is the new Composer for Killer Instinct, and has really outdone himself with the music for the upcoming game. At PAX Australia, KI fans were treated with a few audio samples of Character themes, the iconic theme song, and the versus screen music. Fans got an insight of what its like to compose music for Double Helix, and how Mick came to create the unique theme music for […]

New Google Maps is available for all

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Previously closed off to those without a beta invite, the new Google Maps beta is now open to everyone – meaning that you can now see how Google has radically redesigned Maps to be, according to Google themselves, “the most comprehensive map, built for you.” Announced back at Google I/O in May, the new Google Maps has the ability to create millions of custom maps instead of just one – […]

Third party Snapchat client, Swapchat removed from WP Store

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The third-party Snapchat client for Windows Phone, Swapchat has been removed from the WP Store due to a copyright infringement notice from Snapchat. The application was developed by SRC Apps by reverse engineering the Snapchat API and using them to build an app for Windows Phone. While there could be some good potential in this move by Snapchat (official client on the way), Windows Phone users will be left with […]

NBN chief executive, Mike Quigley, steps down

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The man in charge of rolling out the National Broadband Network, Mike Quigley, has announced that he will be stepping down as CEO of NBN Co after four years in the role and going back into retirement. He will leave once the board appoints his replacement. “My job was to lay the foundations for the NBN for the next 30 years. That job is largely complete. NBN Co is now […]

Optus expands 4G footprint to Wollongong

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While Telstra has a much larger footprint than its rival Optus, it is slowly catching up. The telco has announced today that it has expanded its 4G network to cover Wollongong and the Illawarra region, switching on five towers in central Wollongong. Optus will start work on upgrading its towers to expand the reach of its 4G network and upgrade its 3G network in the region. The areas of Shellharbour, […]

Spotify for Windows Phone finally updated

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Spotify have released an updated version of their Windows Phone app. Since the app’s original release in February 2013, it’s been marked as a public beta application and being beta, the app suffered from a lot of issues such as crashing and lack of features. This update (almost 6 months after the original release) removes the app from beta and introduced a few new features. According to a tweet from […]

Wikipedia finally gets a WYSIWYG visual editor

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Editing Wikipedia will be made easier today as the popular encyclopedia will be rolling out a new WYSIWYG visual editor across most of its language services – including English – this month. It now means that new contributors will no longer have to learn Wikimarkup, which has been used as the main way to edit pages for more than a decade. “Editing Wikipedia at the moment requires people to learn […]

Anthony Albanese replaces Conroy as Communications Minister

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Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been announced as the new Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy; replacing Stephen Conroy, who left the position when Prime Minister Rudd returned to power last week. Albanese will now be responsible for the rollout of the NBN, which sort of fits in with his other portfolio which he will retain – Infrastructure and Transport. Rudd’s choice for Albanese as communications minister […]

Obama administration charges PRISM leaker Edward Snowden with espionage

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US prosecutors have filed a complaint against the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who was responsible for leaking thousands of documents revealing the PRISM program, charging him with espionage, according to some reports. Prosecutors have also asked Hong Kong law enforcement to detain Snowden on a provisional arrest warrant. View this document on Scribd According to reports by RT and Washington Post, Snowden has been charged with espionage, theft and […]