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Firefly set to appear in Batman: Arkham Origins

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Just announced by Warner Bros games at Gamescon 2013, Garfield Lynns, or Firefly – one of Batman’s early adversaries will make an appearance in the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins. Described as ‘unstable’ and ‘erratic’, this version of Firefly will be based on the Post-Crisis character, where his main tools are his iconic flamethrower, grenades, and flight suit. Firefly riddle featured in Batman: Arkham Asylum Hinted earlier in the week, […]

I’m with Kogan Mobile… Where do I go now?

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As you may have heard, Kogan Mobile customers are slowly but surely being terminated from the Telstra network due to a dispute between ispONE and Telstra. Those of you who are currently on Kogan Mobile may be thinking… Where do I go now? Unfortunately, you probably won’t be getting as great a deal as you have but there are certainly some comparable offers from carriers. Here’s a run down of […]

Video-on-demand service EzyFlix launches today

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The owners of EzyDVD, Access Digital Entertainment, have launched their new video-on-demand venture EzyFlix. It is essentially the local iTunes equivalent – letting customers rent and buy movies and TV shows. However, you’re not locked into any ecosystem as you can watch them on any device you choose. EzyFlix has partnered up with 20th Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Roadshow Films, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company and […]

Telstra to terminate Kogan Mobile customers

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UPDATE 20/08: Kogan Mobile have responded. The end is near for Kogan Mobile Customers. After the recent news that ispONE has terminated their contact with Telstra, a statement has been released by Telstra stating how they’ll be closing off the remaining services. Aldi Mobile, one of the other resellers of ispONE will be continuing their services as a direct customer due to a deal made between the two companies. Due to […]

ispONE appoints Administrators and cancels Telstra contract

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Telstra Wholesale Services provider, ispONE has appointed resellers and have cancelled the contract to resell Telstra services. ispONE providers 280,000 prepaid services is currently in court with Telstra in regards to unpaid invoices. According to the Financial Review, the Federal Court dismissed the case between ispONE and Telstra which also dissolved the injunction placed to stop Telstra from cancelling the prepaid services. The cancellation of the Telstra contact will directly affect […]

Pokemon: The Origin announced – Anime based on Pokemon Red and Green

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It was announced that a brand new Pokemon Anime will run alongside the Pokemon XY series (Generation VI). The series will be called Pokemon: The Origin, which features Red and Green, the main characters from the first Japanese Pokemon games released in 1996 (Pokemon Red & Green), which later released worldwide as Pokemon Red & Blue. The trailer features Red as he starts his journey and battles his rival Green, […]

Why Sony was right in rejecting Dan Loeb’s proposal

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Image: Steve.M~ (Flickr/Creative Commons) Sony’s struggles have been widely recounted as it attempts to maintain relevance in a two speed consumer electronics space where hardware is becoming increasingly commoditised, and software and services increasingly more exclusive. Dan Loeb of Third Point – a hedge fund which owns an almost 7% stake in Sony – has been vocal in suggesting changes for the fledgling company, and as arguably Sony’s most prominent […]

ispONE Wholesale customers are safe… for now

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ispONE, the company who provides mobile services for over 280,000 customers are currently the largest (and only) wholesale provider for the Telstra 3G network. However, the company is involved in a legal dispute with Telstra over unpaid invoices and may take down 280,000 mobile services with it. ispONE acts as an intermediary between Telstra and resellers such as Kogan Mobile and Aldi Mobile. Telstra is claiming that ispONE have unpaid invoices […]

Why is vinyl becoming popular?

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Image: Steve Snodgrass (Flickr/Creative Commons) Vinyl records are experiencing a global resurgence. Sales are the highest they have been in 15 years. The figures from Nielsen SoundScan show the industry is booming with 2.9 million records sold in the past 6 months –  a 33.5% rise in sales over the first half of 2012. Comparatively, CDs are still struggling with sales falling another 14% as digital music continues to rise as […]

Official YouTube app for Windows Phone is here(ish)

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Earlier this year, Microsoft released an official YouTube application for Windows Phones, complete with account login and video downloading. During it’s initial release, it was thought that the rivalry been Microsoft and Google had finished (or at least, an agreement had been made). But this wasn’t the case as shortly after, Google had sent a letter to Microsoft asking for it’s removal due to breaking the terms of service. After […]

TechGeek Windows Phone App hits Version 2.0

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Stewart Wilson / TechGeek Even though it’s only been a few months since our last major update, the TechGeek WIndows Phone App has hit Version 2.0. After the design change on the website, our application suffered greatly since it relied on many of the components of the old design. As a result, the app has been completely rewritten from the ground up. Now using a much faster API, the speed […]

What I envy about Sydney – Google Transit

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It’s rare for me to admit this, given that I am from the wonderful city of Melbourne. But there is one tiny thing about Sydney that I envy the most. Melbourne may be the home of sport and culture, the home for PAX Australia and the NBN’s operations centre, the birthplace of television in Australia, and internationally known for being one of the most livable cities in the world. However, you guys […]

Google: Gmail users have no ‘legitimate expectation’ of privacy

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Those who fear the Google machine, get ready to be more scared at the search engine. In a recent filing unearthed by a California-based consumer advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, Google has said that users should never expect that their communications should be kept private – ever. The comments were made in a brief by Google in its application to dismiss a class action lawsuit against them. According to the filing: […]

Xbox One controller with PC compatibility and no confirmed cross-platform chat

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According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the Xbox One’s new controller will be compatible with PC but that this feature will most likely not be available until 2014 due to changes in the new wireless and wired modes of the controller as well as integrating them with pre-existing PC games which currently support the Xbox 360 controller. In addition to these recent reveals, Major Nelson also could not confirm whether cross-platform […]

Major Nelson’s Xbox One Unboxing

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Larry Hrby aka Microsoft’s Major Nelson has just released a brand new unboxing video for the Xbox One. While most features shown in this video were previously described at E3, we do get a new look at what ‘Day One’ versions of the system will look like, with unique decals and chrome D-pads on the controller. A standard Xbox One chat headset is also confirmed to be available in both […]