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Set an expiry date for tweets with Spirit

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Pierre Legrain, a previous Twitter Engineer has created an app that allows you to add expiry dates to your tweets. Spirit allows you to simply add a hashtag to your tweet which will schedule it for deletion, for example: #30m or 2d or #3h. A great use of this service would be for expiring coupon codes, promotions or notices which need to be removed after a certain period of time […]

Wikileaks Party Senate candidate: NSW preferences a “poor judgement call”, not admin error

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Gerry Georgatos, the number one Senate candidate for the Wikileaks Party in Western Australia, has said that the Wikileaks Party’s New South Wales preferences fiasco was a “poor judgement call” and not an administrative error. “It was not an administrative error, it was a poor judgement call. I’m not [going to come out] here and bullshit the audience,” he told the Indymedia programme (24 minutes into the programme) on Perth’s RTR yesterday. His […]

Steve Ballmer decides to retire, will leave Microsoft in a year

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Steve Ballmer has called it a day, with the CEO of Microsoft announcing that he plans to retire within 12 months. Ballmer has been in the position since 2000, succeeding Bill Gates, but only gained full control of the company when Gates decided to leave his day-to-day operations in 2009. “There is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but now is the right time,” Ballmer said in […]

Former Wikileaks Party staffer says Assange’s father was the “caller” that led to resignations

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Former Wikileaks Party social media captain Sean Bedlam – who is also a member of the Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance – has said that he was one of the recipients of the series of calls that led to the mass resignation of Leslie Cannold and six others (including himself), and has revealed the identity of the caller. In a series of tweets, he has identified John Shipton – the party’s […]

Telstra: Shared Data Plans are not long away

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Back in April, Telstra said they’ll start making Shared Data Plans available for consumers. Meaning you could share your data limit between your phone, your tablet and your laptop (or hotspot). Certainly a very handy feature for those with multiple devices or a single data cap for a family. When this was announced, we were told that we’d hear something “in the next few months”. Months have gone by but still […]

Former Wikileaks Party member: Assange wanted deal with Family First, veto power on preferences

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More fallout from the Wikileaks Party’s preferences fiasco as four National Council members yesterday announced their resignations, following from the shock decision by Assange’s running mate Leslie Cannold to resign. However, one former member and member of the National Council – Dr. Daniel Mathews – has shed more light into the internal divisions over the preference deals in a blog post. Mathews, who is friends with Assange since university days, […]

Hundreds of people retweeted child porn

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Slane Castle Image: Gordon Flood (Flickr/Creative Commons) On Saturday an Eminem concert was held to a crowd of 80, 000 at the famous Slane Castle in Ireland. During the event, a teenage girl was photographed kissing a man while he sexually touched her before performing oral sex on the man in broad daylight amongst thousands of onlookers. By Sunday afternoon some fucking creep uploaded three pictures of the incident onto […]

Wikileaks Party candidate Leslie Cannold resigns after internal fighting over preferences, “others will also resign”

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The Wikileaks Party appears to be in turmoil with its second Victorian seat candidate Leslie Cannold resigning from the party after several members of the party were planning to bypass the National Council and would not conduct an independent review which was announced today. If the Wikileaks Party was successful in getting a seat in Victoria, then Julian Assange would hold the seat. However, if he is unable to leave […]

Wikileaks Party changes preferences after outcry, launches independent review over issue

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After some outcry from followers over its Senate preferences in New South Wales and Western Australia, the Wikileaks Party has announced that they will change their preferences in order to put them in line with the National Council’s decision. They will be issuing how-to-vote cards telling supporters of the Wikileaks Party to vote “below the line” – which will mean that they will have to preference all candidates – with […]

Optus announces plans to reduce bill shock with a $10/day plan with a 30MB daily data cap

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Image: williamcho/Flickr (Creative Commons) Optus has today announced that they will follow Vodafone’s plans in reducing global roaming charges – albeit in a different way. The company will merge its five roaming zones into two, and will introduce for post-paid plans “Travel Packs” which will set you back $10 a day. However, if you’re a huge data user, then these plans are terrible. Zone One will include New Zealand, the […]

Firefly set to appear in Batman: Arkham Origins

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Just announced by Warner Bros games at Gamescon 2013, Garfield Lynns, or Firefly – one of Batman’s early adversaries will make an appearance in the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins. Described as ‘unstable’ and ‘erratic’, this version of Firefly will be based on the Post-Crisis character, where his main tools are his iconic flamethrower, grenades, and flight suit. Firefly riddle featured in Batman: Arkham Asylum Hinted earlier in the week, […]

I’m with Kogan Mobile… Where do I go now?

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As you may have heard, Kogan Mobile customers are slowly but surely being terminated from the Telstra network due to a dispute between ispONE and Telstra. Those of you who are currently on Kogan Mobile may be thinking… Where do I go now? Unfortunately, you probably won’t be getting as great a deal as you have but there are certainly some comparable offers from carriers. Here’s a run down of […]

Video-on-demand service EzyFlix launches today

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The owners of EzyDVD, Access Digital Entertainment, have launched their new video-on-demand venture EzyFlix. It is essentially the local iTunes equivalent – letting customers rent and buy movies and TV shows. However, you’re not locked into any ecosystem as you can watch them on any device you choose. EzyFlix has partnered up with 20th Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Roadshow Films, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company and […]

Telstra to terminate Kogan Mobile customers

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UPDATE 20/08: Kogan Mobile have responded. The end is near for Kogan Mobile Customers. After the recent news that ispONE has terminated their contact with Telstra, a statement has been released by Telstra stating how they’ll be closing off the remaining services. Aldi Mobile, one of the other resellers of ispONE will be continuing their services as a direct customer due to a deal made between the two companies. Due to […]

ispONE appoints Administrators and cancels Telstra contract

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Telstra Wholesale Services provider, ispONE has appointed resellers and have cancelled the contract to resell Telstra services. ispONE providers 280,000 prepaid services is currently in court with Telstra in regards to unpaid invoices. According to the Financial Review, the Federal Court dismissed the case between ispONE and Telstra which also dissolved the injunction placed to stop Telstra from cancelling the prepaid services. The cancellation of the Telstra contact will directly affect […]