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Apple confirms iOS7 – and it’s going flat

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Apple has confirmed that iOS 7 exists and will radically update the user interface. Everything has been redesigned, from the layout and icons of the core applications to even the typography. It also adds parallex when you move the phone around. The most obvious change is the removal of the felt and wood – the skeumorphic design promoted by Jony Ive’s predecessor on iOS, Scott Forstall. Notification Center becomes translucent […]

Apple is updating the Mac Pro – and it’s really fast, and really small

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Guess what, Apple is not ditching the Mac Pro. Apple has confirmed that the Mac Pro will be getting an upgrade, with the next-generation model sporting a brand new Xeon processor, faster memory, and a brand new body that is one-eighth the size of the current generation. Oh, and did we mention this is being made in America, not in China? The internal specs sound impressive – and it has […]

Apple brings out new MacBook Air – with 12 hours of battery life

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Apple has announced an upgrade to the MacBook Air. While there has not been a design modification; it does have improved battery life, flash storage that is 45 percent faster than the previous generation, and a fourth-gen Intel Core processor designed for power efficiency. Both the 11-inch and 13-inch models get a large jump in their battery life. The 11-inch gets nine hours of battery life, compared to five; and […]

Apple announces OS X Mavericks – supports tagging and multiple displays

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Apple is dumping the cats, and revamping its branding. Cupertino is now looking in its backyard for its new name, with Mac OS X Mavericks. It will now include support for tagging and multiple screen support. Finder gets a slight update with Finder Tabs – meaning that there are tabs in Finder. Files can now be tagged, so you can better management of your files. However, the best thing Mac […]

Xbox 360 gets a redesign, with Xbox One-inspired look

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Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 will be getting an upgrade to make it more like the Xbox One; and will give Xbox Live Gold members two free games per month until the Xbox One is released in November, such as Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3. Xbox Live Gold Members will also get a free download of Fable III. It is available today in the UK, US, Canada, […]

Apple decides to livestream WWDC 2013 keynote – FINALLY!

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After that fiasco with the Wi-Fi during a keynote years ago, Apple is slowly learning that yes we want to see the god-damn keynotes. Apple has announced – at the very last minute – that it will stream the WWDC keynote online. However, you’ll need an Apple device in order to view it. If you have a Mac with Mac OS X 10.6 or above, or an iOS device with […]

Developer scrapes 200k+ students’ personal information, exam results after finding security flaw

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(Screenshot by Terence Huynh) A developer has managed to scrape the personal information and the national examination results of over 200,000 students in India; after he found a security flaw in the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations exam results website. Debarghya Das, a software intern at Google, wrote on Quora that he initially tried hacking into the system before the day of the exam results were released in order […]

BitCoin exchange Mt. Gox ends relationship with Technocash

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Australian BitCoin holders with accounts with Japanese-based BitCoin exchange Mt. Gox will no longer be able to deposit and withdraw cash in Australian Dollars from June 15 through Technocash, after its local money-transfer partner was linked to one of the biggest global money laundering schemes. “After some deliberation and discussion with Technocash, an Australian service for Mt. Gox customer account funding and withdrawals, it has been decided that our customers […]

ASIO targeted by Chinese hackers, blueprints for new building stolen

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ASIO’s new building – its blueprints have been allegedly stolen by Chinese hackers (Image: ASIO) Chinese hackers have managed to steal the blueprints of a new $630 million building that will become home to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, according to a report by the ABC’s Four Corners. The plans, according to the report, include the communications layout of the new building, server locations, and even information about its security […]

Nintendo schedules Nintendo Direct for June 12; it’s do-or-die for the Wii U

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E3 is approaching, and Nintendo has just scheduled a global Nintendo Direct event on midnight June 12 (Sydney time) – updating the Nintendo faithful about the future of Wii U games. And given the fact that most of the Wii U games have come from first-party, as opposed to third-party, it needs to really find a way to excite the fan base. The press conference is essentially do-or-die. The Xbox One […]

Xbox One First Impressions

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The Xbox One has been on everybody’s minds after the reveal of what is going to be the biggest thing in Home Entertainment. With a huge focus on TV, Sports, Gaming Experience and Immersion, the Xbox One looks to be a very awesome water cooler. Microsoft are really set on redefining the Entertainment experience. but what does our Pwnage editor Adrian think about Microsoft’s new direction? Design Firstly i would […]

Microsoft: Xbox One does not require “always on” internet connection; is not compatible with Xbox 360 games

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Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will not have an “always on” internet connection – something that has been an on and off again rumor during the past few months, however it will need to be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours – this includes single player games; in addition confirming that the games on the Xbox 360 will not work with the Xbox One. […]

Microsoft, Steven Spielberg combine to create Halo television series

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Microsoft and 343 Industries has announced that they will bring Halo to television, and will partner with critically-acclaimed director Steven Spielberg to create “Halo: The Television Series”. The show will be an exclusive to the Xbox One. 343 Industries have already made a live-action miniseries of the Halo franchise, titled Forward Unto Dawn; and a move to creating a television series is similar to how many online video services are investing […]

Microsoft reveals the next-generation Xbox One

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After months of rumours and speculations, Microsoft has lifted the lid of its new next-generation console called Xbox One, promising to put you at the centre of entertainment and create a relationship with your television. Described as an “all-in-one device” for both gaming and entertainment, the console is designed to be simple and will use voice commands as its primary way to navigate through the console. For instance, it can […]

Yahoo updates Flickr and offers 1TB of storage – for free

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After buying Tumblr for $1.1 billion, another Yahoo property is getting a revamp. Flickr, the photo sharing website, has received a major redesign with a brand new experience that centres around your photos. As well, it will be giving all of its free users one terrabyte of storage for free. Yes, one freaking terrabyte. Enough to store at least 500,000 high resolution images on the service – and now also longer video. Flickr will […]