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HANDS ON: Tom Clancy’s The Division – Three Years in the making

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At this year’s PAX Australia, we finally managed to get our first hands-on of Ubisoft’s third-person shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division. The playable demo on the Xbox One consisted of a short playable tutorial where a team of three players could enter the Darkzone, a quarantine zone located in the centre of the map which serves as the game’s multiplayer section. Within the Darkzone, teams would gun through small factions of Bandits and […]

Nuketown lives in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Just announced by Activision, Call of Duty: Black Ops III will feature Nuketown as a playable multiplayer map as a pre-order bonus. A fan-favourite map, Nuketown first appeared in the Call of Duty series in the first Call of Duty: Black Ops, while making a subsequent appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops II – under the name: Nuketown 2025. This iteration of Nuketown, stylized as Nuk3town because the three makes it more futuristic and appeals […]

HANDS ON: SUPERHOT – Timing is everything

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With the main focus of PAX Australia is indie games, Xbox has allowed us the opportunity to try SUPERHOT as part of their ID@XBOX. SUPERHOT is a first person shooter which a unique twist: time moves when you move. This key gameplay mechanic makes this came similar to a puzzle-esque game, akin to like Portal. The premise of the game is very simple – you are an unnamed person who […]

Oh, the excitement! Nielsen releases a list of the most anticipated games of the holidays

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Nielsen, a consumer research company, has surveyed 4,800 gamers ranging from the ages of 7 to 54 in order to find out which titles will be this year’s holiday blockbusters. The results of this study are below: Source: The results follow these guides: The games surveyed on have a release date between the 1st of October and the 31st of December this year. Anticipation has been measured using a […]

Braving The Wasteland: Mad Max Review

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Mad Max Review Braving the Wasteland By Emily Roach Can they keep it interesting? Emily Roach reviews the reboot of the Mad Max franchise. Mad Max is a gritty, mechanical post-apocalyptic franchise of films and games. It following the plights of Max, in the original movies known as Max Rockatansky, as he survives alone in The Wasteland, braving bandits and severe resource shortages. The next-gen platform game, published by Warner […]

Nolan North is the lamest robot in Destiny’s 2.0 patch

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Destiny is the game everyone loves to hate, and then love, and then hate some more. And with good reason: it’s a good game that plays well, with a lot of repetition. It’s a good game that plays well, with a lot of repetition. It’s a good game that plays well, with a lot of repetition. It’s a good game that plays well, with a lot of repetition. You get the point. […]

Halo 5: Guardians Opening Cinematic

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The opening cinematic for Halo 5: Guardians‘ campaign has been revealed. The video features Jameson Locke and his team of Spartan-IVs, Fireteam Osiris, dropping into combat, sprinting, shooting and ground-pounding their way through Covenant and Promethean forces. The UNSC are also looking to retrieve Catherine Halsey from Jul ‘Mdama, hoping to find out more about the cataclysmic events happening throughout the galaxy. This action packed sequence give us just a sneak peek of what 343 have […]

Star Wars Battlefront will be playable at PAX AUS

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Just announced today by EA Games, the highly anticipated and latest edition to the multi-billion dollar franchise – Star Wars, Star Wars Battlefront will be playable exclusively  at PAX Australia later this year, ahead of its launch date. At PAX AUS, gamers will be able to play one of the games survival missions, set on the desert of Tatoonie – solo or co-op at the PlayStation booth. The latest trailer can […]

Rainbow Six Siege: Spectator Mode Trailer

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With Rainbow Six Siege beta around the corner, Ubisoft today just released a trailer showcasing their upcoming featutre: Spectator Mode.  Similar to other Spectator Modes, players are able to jump into any game and watch the match in real-time, learn how different players adapt to different situations, watch the players ammo count, health and equipment.  However, the key difference between the Spectator Mode in Rainbow Six and other games is […]

Halo 5 at Gamescom 2015

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There’s been a plethora of Halo 5 news coming out Gamescom’s press event so lets take a look at some of their more important announcements. I’ve already covered the new announcement of “The Pink and Deadly Edition” but other bundles and information were released out of Cologne. First of the bat is the new Xbox One Halo 5 Guardians Limited Edition Bundle and Halo-themed Astro headsets. The Xbox One console features […]

New Halo 5 themed bundle announced at Gamescom 2015

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The Pink and Deadly Edition is an exclusive offer made by British retailer GAME and costs a total of £449.99. A steep figure for even an Xbox One bundle. Unfortunately it is unlikely that the bundle will be entering other regions as it is not an Xbox-related bundle but only specifically offered by the retailer themself.  For those of you who can get your hand on “The Pink and Deadly Edition” you […]

Gamescom 2015: Halo Wars 2 announced for 2016

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  With all these announcements at Gamescom 2015, Xbox left something special for last which surely excited Halo fans. Halo Wars 2 was announced for the Xbox One and Windows 10, and is set to release sometime in ‘Fall 2016’ (Spring 2016 for us Aussies) The first Halo Wars was a Real Time Strategy game, set in the Halo Universe and was released in 2009. Halo, being a popular First Person […]

Gamescom 2015: Crackdown 3 first look

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During the Xbox Gamescom briefing, it was confirmed that the next Crackdown game will be titled Crackdown 3. This first look trailer showcases the familiar open-world gameplay with new additions and features being added to the game with the power of Xbox One and the cloud. According to Reagent Games, Crackdown 3 will feature 100% destructible environments, using the Xbox One’s cloud computing, claiming to be 20 times more powerful than […]

Gamescom 2015: Chat pad coming to Xbox One this holiday

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Announced at today’s Xbox Gamescom conference, a new chat pad peripheral for Xbox One controllers will be coming November 3rd (US) Similar to the Xbox 360 version, the chat pad becomes useful for messaging or web browsing, with a full QWERTY keyboard, backlit keys, and audio jack. But in this iteration, it includes audio controls similar to the Stereo Headset Adapter, two programmable buttons, and comes with a chat headset. […]

Gamescom 2015: Killer Instinct Season 3 confirmed, Battletoads guest character playable today

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Announced at the Xbox Gamescom briefing, Killer instinct will be getting another season, starting March 2016. Just a couple of months ago, Season 2 came to an end, bringing a handful of old and new fighters; more stages and themes; and features including a revamped story-mode and ‘shadows’, and it goes without saying that Iron Galaxy have done an amazing job with the franchise. I’m proud to announce that Killer Instinct Season 3 […]