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Stewart is a Senior Editor at TechGeek. With the site from the start, he is in charge of overseeing the creation of media (including audio and video). Software Engineer by trade and Journalist by hobby - you'll usually find Stewart obsessing over small things.


Nokia Lumia 930 Review: The best Windows Phone yet

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Dubbed to be the best Windows Phone of 2014 – the Nokia Lumia 930 is the newest edition from Nokia. Being the flagship phone of 2014, the Lumia 930 certainly packs a punch. There’s a lot riding on this phone, it’s one of the first to run Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box and the first phone released under the “Microsoft Devices” brand. The Lumia 930 has a 5” […]

Ingress now available for iOS

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If you aren’t already aware of Ingress, it’s a virtual Augmented Reality game developed by the Niantic Project. The application installed on your phone acts as a “scanner” which allows you to see mysterious energy (known as Exotic Matter or XM in game) which has been discovered by a team of scientists in Europe. You can interact with Portals and create control fields which will add to your team’s global Mind Units (MU) score. […]

Prepare Yourself: Doctor Who has a full length trailer for Season 8

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Prepare yourself Whovians! Doctor Who’s Season 8 trailer is ready to be watched and gives us a glimpse of the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. The new trailer features a flaming TARDIS, Daleks, Dinosaurs and a rather frightened Clara Oswald. While not strictly “techy”, this definitely appeals to some of our geeky sides. I’m excited for the new Doctor Who season and I’m sure many of you are as well. Will you be watching […]

Parrot’s new MiniDrones hitting Australia in August

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In a fun filled launch event today, Parrot announced their new MiniDrones – the Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo. With the sounds of flying, jumping and crashing (oh, and screams), Parrot announced that the products will be available from Australian retailers in August but pre-orders are being taken online from today. Chris Roberts, APAC Managing Director for Parrot gave a brief history of the company and when posed the question of […]

Nokia’s flagship Lumia 930 available from July 11

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The Nokia Lumia 930 is the newest edition to the smartphone market and Nokia’s flagship device for 2014. We’ve seen the huge phablets and Android devices coming from Nokia this year, however, there hasn’t been any information on flagship devices – well, it’s finally here. While Nokia Australia haven’t confirmed a release date, carriers have started releasing information of when it will be available. The Lumia 930 has a 5″ Full […]

GIVEAWAY: Kingston DataTraveler Mini 3.0 16GB

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Having data readily available is always great – especially when it can be transferred quickly. That’s why having a high capacity, USB 3.0 drive is a must-need. Thanks to our friends at Kingston, we have a DataTraveller Mini 3.0 USB drive to giveaway. The drive features a stylish and compact design, a durable metal casing with key loop and offers up to 70MB/s read and 10MB/s write speeds – perfect for […]

Quickflix enables Chromecast support, offers $10 credit for using it

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Chromecast has been available in Australia for a little while now but we haven’t had much Australian support for it. However, Quickflix is one of the first Australian services to offer Chromecast support. According to the email sent to Quickflix subscribers, you’ll be able to instantly stream Movies and TV Shows as part of your subscription plus pay for the premium TV Shows and Movies for $2.99 and $5.99 each […]

Review: Braven 710 Bluetooth Speaker

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When this speaker hit my desk, I was intrigued to see how powerful it was. The Braven 710 is a small, powerful Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone…. or really any device that has Bluetooth. It has a beautiful “aircraft grade” aluminium design which feels sturdy and has a premium feel, it’s ruggedised and water resistant to save you from unfortunate situations and just looks pretty damn good. The Braven 710 retails for […]

Techcast S01E14: Google. Google. Google.

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Techcast! We are a little early because I noticed I wouldn’t be available for the majority of the week and we had to fit in a special guest! This week we talk about everything Googe I/O, some Windows Phone news, Netflix coming to Australia and the Automatic Sperm Extractor. Join Stewart Wilson, Terence Huynh and Special Guest, Daniel Tyson from Ausdroid in this very […]

Techcast S01E13: Yo

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We’re back for Episode 13 and have a huge amount of articles to get through. Firstly, Microsoft release the new Nokia X2, Optus/Vodafone/Facebook all have issues and we also speak about the Cadbury Joy Generator – which wasn’t so joyous. Join Stewart Wilson, Terence Huynh and Chris Southcott for a slightly longer edition of Techcast. Be sure to subscribe to our new podcast by using the links below. Let us […]

Internode covers Adelaide CBD with WiFi

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Internode have announced the AdelaideFree, an extension to the already operating Free WiFi network in central Adelaide. In partnership between the South Australian Government and Adelaide City Council, Internode has created a wireless network which provides internet access to over 30,000 people each day – powered by 300 wireless access points. The extension provides blanket coverage between North Terrace and Wakefield Street/Grote Street and broad access areas in the south city, […]

Microsoft unveils the Nokia X2

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Microsoft have today announced the new Nokia phone to the family, the Nokia X2. The Nokia X2 is the second generation of phone in the Nokia X range which run a heavily modified version of the Android operating system – without Google Play Services. The new phone features a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, a 4.3″ ClearBlack Display, a rear 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, front-facing VGA camera […]

Microsoft boosts OneDrive space

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Microsoft have today announced that they’ll be making some changes to OneDrive, which includes doubling (and a little more) their free storage tier from 7GB to 15GB. Additionally, users with an Office 365 subscriptions will have their storage increase to a huge 1TB for the duration of the subscription. Microsoft is even slashing the prices for the standalone OneDrive plans, charging $2 a month for 100GB (previously $8.99 a month) […]

Vodafone customers take advantage of the ‘truly unlimited’ data weekend

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Vodafone customers have just enjoyed a weekend of ‘truly unlimited’ data after an outage that affected customers nationwide for a few hours on Thursday. Vodafone’s Chief Technology Officer Benoit Hanssen said “We know our customers had a less than perfect network experience today and we want them to know we’re sorry. We want to make good by offering them unlimited data access all weekend.” According to a report by the Sydney […]

Cadbury’s Joy Generator: We came for joy and all we got was this lousy block of chocolate

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It’s a cold, sunny Friday Morning in the Sydney CBD and what better way to spend our morning than to visit the Cadbury Joy Generator – a Facebook-powered chocolate vending machine. The machine uses your Facebook likes and interests to calculate your best match, whether it be Original, Fruit & Nut, Roasted Almond or Snack – the Joy Generator has 12 of the best flavours available. While it is an […]