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Chris Southcott is a Senior Associate Editor for TechGeek, based in Wollongong. Chris is a long-time contributor to the site, usually writing about gaming, gadgets, Kanye West, and the issue of censorship.


Apple’s iPad mini, with 7.8″ display, is real, ships November 2 from $369

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Here it is. Phil Schiller and Tim Cook just took the stage at their October 2012 Apple Event, and up until the very end, kept the iPad mini a secret. But it is a secret no more. Coming in at 7.9″, with a 1024 x 768 resolution, the iPad mini “isn’t just a shrunken-down iPad, it’s an entirely new design,” as Schiller told the audience. With a 7.2mm thick aluminium case, the […]

Apple announces iPad refresh, with Lightning port and faster A6X processor

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Apple have refreshed ‘the new iPad’ with a 4th-generation model. With the same retina-display and 5-megapixel (iSight) camera, the improvements start with an Apple A6X processor, with twice the graphics capabilities of the 3rd gen, and also a Lightning port, requiring previous-generation iPad owners to replace all accessories, specifically the terrible portrait iPad keyboard dock, which may not even be getting a replacement. Prices start at $539 for 16GB, $649 […]

New Rdio for Android beta available

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Rdio have invited its ‘tech savvy’ users to try a the latest version of their Android app, with a redesigned look and feel which matches the new Android design language, as well as the new Rdio website design. The dated menu of the previous version is gone, replaced with a sidebar menu, similar to that seen in the latest Facebook apps.There’s a new remote control feature as well as a […]

In this dog-eat-dog world, Apple announces iPad mini event, scheduled for October 24 at 4am AEST

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Just hours after Microsoft announced their Surface price and availability, Apple is set to announce their own tablet. On October 23 US-time, or October 24 Australian time, Tim Cook and the gang will be taking the stage and, unless rumours are wrong and Apple is just kidding around, it’s going to be a smaller iPad, dubbed an iPad mini, an iPhone pad, an iPad air, or just ‘the new bigger […]

Microsoft shows off Surface in new US ad campaign, leaves out any pricing details

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Microsoft’s first Surface TV ad will air tonight on the US sport network ESPN, as part of a US$1 billion campaign which has already seen a Windows 8 ad (embedded below) and now a Microsoft Surface ad. The colourful, energetic ad, actually seems like a persuasive piece, something Microsoft can rarely achieve. However, without any details on pricing, and the release date looming, that anticipation could  quickly evaporate. If the Surface’s […]

Xbox Music coming tomorrow to Xbox 360, later this month for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

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While Zune Pass had always been a great service, Microsoft lacked the marketshare to actually push it on devices. The Zune lineup, made to compete with Apple’s iPod, never caught on, and Windows Phone 7 has proven to lack a strong following. Xbox Music is set to change this, coming out tomorrow on Xbox 360’s and later this month on Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8, a mobile […]

Valve adds software store to Steam on Windows

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Valve is today expanding their popular Steam publishing platform from just games (and a few movies) to now offering a very small selection of software for Windows, set to expand soon. For the next week GameMaker: Studio, 3D-Coat, ArtRage Studio Pro, CameraBag 2, 3DMark Vantage, and 3DMark 11 will be available with a 10% discount from RRP. And the benefits from buying through Steam, as well as the 10% discount, includes, for some […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 105: Going To Keep on Loving Maps

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A massive security fiasco for Android, Apple says sorry for its Maps, and webOS comes back with version 1.0 – much to the Chris’ rejoice (and Terence’s displeasure). All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly! Stewart’s on holiday and Tom is busy studying, so you’re left with Terence and Chris this week. No video this week, but you can listen to the audio below. Also apologies for no episode last […]

HTC’s Thursday press event to show off new Windows Phone

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HTC have just shown a little sneak peak for their Thursday event. In a post to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, the handset maker revealed the corner of a phone, which appears to be running Windows Phone 8. And don’t be confused, the 19.9 is referring to the date of the event (in the US), not the screen size. Although that wouldn’t be surprising, given the state of the smartphone industry. […]

Fitness friendly Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip announced with Bluetooth 4.0 and wireless sync

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Back in October of last year Fitbit announced the Fitbit Ultra, a discreet, clipable ‘activity tracker’ which received fairly positive reviews. This year they’re back with two upgrades to their lineup of modivational gadgets, the Fitbit One and the Fitbit Zip. The Fitbit One, which looks like an upgrade to the Ultra rather than a entirely new product, sports the similar sleek look as that of the Ultra but now […]

Sony’s gamescom 2012 press conference starts at 3AM Wednesday (AEST) [Live Video]

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In less than 30 minutes. At 3AM Sydney time tomorrow morning, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, or PlayStation, will be taking the stage in Cologne, Germany for gamescom 2012. What’s on the table? Nobody knows right now, although there are rumours for an even slimmer PlayStation 3 and we also expect some announcements for the PlayStation Vita. Either way, Sony usually has a great show at gamescom, and this hopefully won’t be […]

BE BOLD? Putting BlackBerry’s new marketing line to the test

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For the last few years, Research In Motion, the company behind the infamous BlackBerry, have been a punchline in the tech blogosphere. And I’ve been part of that noise. Unfortunately, I wasn’t being fair to RIM or myself, or anyone who ever listened to me. In reality, I’d never used a BlackBerry, apart from in a store (which I have now believe, because of my thoughts on Windows Phone 7, […]

Spotify now has 15 million users globally, including 4 million paying subscribers

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Spotify’s crusade against piracy and traditional music distribution seems to be paying off, if new stats are anything to go by. Launching down-under around 3 months ago, and originally launching in 2008 in Sweden, Spotify has quickly gained global and local attention as the go-to streaming music service, even more-so after their US launch. And to back this attention up, Spotify’s Chief Content Officer and Managing Director of Spotify North America, […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 99:

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IT’S WAR! Samsung and Apple FIGHT it out in court; Chris finds himself sad; and Outlook replaces Hotmail which doesn’t look that bad but Stewart and Chris have taken all the email addresses. All this and more on this episode of TECHGEEK Weekly. It’s just one more Episode till we reach the big number of 100. What do we have in store? You’ll just have to wait and see! […]

Review: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

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The concept is simple: bring a previously successful game franchise back into the spotlight with a remake of its original, successful game’s, and maybe in the process, making some improvements. The final product, however, can’t even match the original, let alone improve on it. If it weren’t for the new graphics, you’d think it was a lame knock-off, or something much worse. Yes, let’s take a brief look at Tony […]