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Chris Southcott is a Senior Associate Editor for TechGeek, based in Wollongong. Chris is a long-time contributor to the site, usually writing about gaming, gadgets, Kanye West, and the issue of censorship.


HP’s Stream notebook could be Microsoft’s answer to the Chromebook

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Just a few months ago, Microsoft talked briefly of a new version of Windows, unfortunately known as Windows 8.1 with Bing. The main difference was that the apparently stripped-back copy of Windows would come pre-installed with Internet Explorer, as well as Bing search by default. Though Microsoft had just one restriction for hardware makers: the price of the device itself must be low. And while, as far as we know, the restrictions to the OS don’t cut […]

Steve Ballmer loves his new job as owner of the LA Clippers

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Just under an hour ago, at the Clippers Fan Festival in San Francisco, Microsoft’s infallible ex-CEO, Steve Ballmer, took the stage. And by all accounts, he bloody loved the whole event. And who could blame him? The millionaire, already on-record as a lover of basketball, now owns an NBA team, the LA Clippers. With some quality Eminem blasting in the background (the quite appropriate track ‘Lose Yourself’), the charismatic figure high-fived every hand in sight, as cameras […]

gamescom 2014: Your Australian Streaming Guide

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Gamescom, which takes place annually in Germany, is increasingly becoming the destination for gaming announcements, especially for European regions, and this year won’t disappoint. With new consoles now well and truly starting to find their place in homes globally, a focus on games, rather than consoles, is expected at the 2014 show, with Microsoft, Sony, and others already teasing plenty of fresh gaming goss on social media. But how on earth are you going to see […]

Note The Date: Samsung to announce new GALAXY Note device September 3

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Samsung rarely shies away from a cheesy launch event, and while it might be a little early to put your popcorn in the microwave just yet, the Korean phone manufacturer still wants you to ‘Note The Date’ for an upcoming product launch. If we’re lucky the spotlight will be directed at a magician, a confident child-actor, or perhaps even a musical-number, as we’ve seen at previous Samsung product launches. Taking place September 3 at 11PM […]

Beyond The Verge: Joshua Topolsky leaves Vox Media for Bloomberg, while Nilay Patel returns as EIC

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It’s often been difficult to define exactly what Vox Media’s ‘The Verge’ is. Launched in 2011 by ex-AOL/Engadget bloggers Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, Chris Ziegler, just to name a few, The Verge, from the outset, looked like the ultimate technology publication. With a star-studded roster, joined by Vox Media’s unmatched video and product team, the website seemed to have a fresh focus and simple goal: to create content for a niche […]

Google unveils Material Design, a unified design language for Android, Chrome OS

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Google has long been known as a company with a beautiful, though fragmented design language. Just a glance at an Android and Chrome OS app in the same sitting could be enough to convince a user that these platforms were both created by a separate company. And in a way, due to the size of Google, that’s almost true. So in a massive announcement at Google I/O the company has shown plans to consolidate the […]

Cadbury’s Joy Generator: We came for joy and all we got was this lousy block of chocolate

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It’s a cold, sunny Friday Morning in the Sydney CBD and what better way to spend our morning than to visit the Cadbury Joy Generator – a Facebook-powered chocolate vending machine. The machine uses your Facebook likes and interests to calculate your best match, whether it be Original, Fruit & Nut, Roasted Almond or Snack – the Joy Generator has 12 of the best flavours available. While it is an […]

E3 2014: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End teaser concludes Sony’s safe E3 presentation

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is coming to PS4 in 2015, with Sony showing off a teaser of the upcoming title at its E3 presentation today. Behind the scenes, the game has experienced major setbacks with key staff being dismissed by Naughty Dog. Despite this, the trailer still shows the game is coming with Drake’s “one last job”, – even if that means a wait for its 2015 release. Overall though, the […]

E3 2014: Grand Theft Auto V coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC this year

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With a “host of enhancements”, Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in the US Fall season. With a hot new trailer shown at Sony’s E3 keynote, the game is looking better than ever, despite already looking pretty fly for a last-gen system. Players can transfer their GTA Online progress from PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, and despite confusion that will not include single-player progress […]

E3 2014: Sony spoils their own game with The Last Of Us Remastered trailer

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As we all know, The Last Of Us is being rebuilt for the PlayStation 4, with Naughty Dog justifying the re-release with improved visuals. Today Sony have finally confirmed the release date, with the remastered version hitting stores 30 July 2014. Alongside the news Sony published a new trailer, spoiler-warning and all. At least you’ve been warned.

E3 2014: PlayStation TV coming to Australia later this year, while Sony ignores the Vita platform

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  PlayStation TV, also known as Vita TV in Japan, is coming to Australia. With PlayStation Vita internals, the new set-top box will play Vita games, as well as relay PS4 games over your home network. The console is confirmed as coming to America at the price of $99, while PlayStation Australia have tweeted that the console will also hit Australian stores at a similar time, and for a similar price. […]

E3 2014: PS4 streaming capabilities to expand with YouTube support, new PlayRoom DLC

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The PS4 Share button has been pressed 220 million times since launch, and Sony has today announced new ways for PlayStation gamers to share their game experience. The Share button will now support YouTube streaming. Meanwhile popular streaming game, The PlayRoom, which many have abused with explicit video streams, will receive more support from Sony with custom broadcasting sets. The game is included for free with the optional PlayStation Camera. Developing.  

E3 2014: No Man’s Sky coming to PS4 first

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Hello Games, a tiny studio behind the downloadable game Joe Danger, have today announced their infinite, procedually-generated sci-fi game is coming as a timed-exclusive to PS4. Every player starts the game on a brand new planet in the game’s universe, meaning you’ll play the game in a completely new way when starting a new game. Every starship, or even every blade of grass will be exclusive to your game session. A gameplay trailer […]

E3 2014: YAY! LittleBigPlanet 3 for PS4 announced

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Despite on-stage demo issues, LittleBigPlanet 3 is coming to PS4! New characters will join Sackboy in the new game including characters Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop. Each will have unique abilities, which may help those who don’t adore the controls or restrictive movement of previous LittleBigPlanet games. The game is not being developed by MediaMolecule, who will instead be revealing a new game in August 2014. No, this is apparently being built by Sumo […]

E3 2014: Entwined out tonight on the PlayStation Store

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More news from the PlayStation E3 conference is the release of Entwined, a new indie-game from PixelOpus featuring origami-visuals. It should be released tonight for $10USD for PS4. Cross-buy will come later, with Vita and PS3 versions to be bundled with the game later. Australian pricing should be similar, likely $13.