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Chris Southcott is a Senior Associate Editor for TechGeek, based in Wollongong. Chris is a long-time contributor to the site, usually writing about gaming, gadgets, Kanye West, and the issue of censorship.


ICYMI: Sync your reading progress between Kindle books and Audible audiobooks with Whispersync for Voice

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Time for some Real Talk: reading takes up a lot of time. Seriously, even with my happy-go-lucky uni lifestyle I can hardly get in 1 hour of reading on my Kindle every day, meaning I usually only read around 4 books a year. This is despite the fact that, somehow, I find the time to listen to around 10 hours worth of podcasts every week. But there’s a reason behind that divide: I […]

I can feel the fresh air in Farming Simulator 15’s new trailer

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Farming Simulator had been a Twitch/YouTube favourite for some time now, and now Focus Home Interactive, the team behind the game, want to sell another few million copies. If you’ve never played it before, basically, Farming Simulator is what it says on the tin: an open-world game where you manage a farm, with a strangely addictive, but also a sorta complex gameplay system, all built to ‘simulate’ some of the best bits of farming, without the […]

SingStar PS4 Review: Screw The Neighbours

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I’m not gonna lie. I’m a bit of a karaoke tragic. Except I’m more of a shy one. Whether it’s in the car, home alone, or in my dreams, singing is my jam. Now, that’s not to say that I’m any good at it, but it’s somehow relaxing, in a weird way. And while I’m fine with neighbours hearing me in the distance, or pedestrians seeing me jamming out in […]

New 3DS and New 3DS XL coming to Australia and New Zealand first this November

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Well isn’t this a first. Nintendo Australia have just announced that the ‘New’ 3DS and 3DS XL will be launching in Australia and New Zealand this year, with a wider launch happening for other markets, such as the US and Europe, in 2015. While Japan will still get the portable console first, in early October, Nintendo detailed local release plans via an Australian Nintendo Direct video this afternoon. The release […]

This is the Apple Watch

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The screen fades to black, a camera pans. The audience is shown, for one last time, before their lives are changed forever. And then it appears. The Apple Watch. Well, maybe it’s not exactly that insane, though it definitely seems to be the new product category Tim Cook has been teasing for years: a wearable. With a rounded-square front-panel, powered by a brand new bubble-like UI, the Apple Watch comes to light with ‘nimble, precise’ […]

Dispatch: Oppo’s Australian launch

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Before this week I’d barely heard of Oppo, to be perfectly honest. Sure, I’d seen a few YouTube videos regarding their flagship phone (MKBHD’s video on the Find 7 springs to mind), and I’d read brief snippets of info from other tech blogs, but I’d never actually endeavoured to find out more about the Chinese electronics manufacturer. Apparently I wasn’t alone though, and to my surprise on Tuesday I attended an early morning event, or soft-launch as […]

Songl streaming service to close just 18 months after launch

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Songl is no more. After just 18 months of life in the already crowded Australian streaming music circuit, the basic subscription service from Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) and partners Sony Music and Universal Music, has closed its doors to new customers. In a statement SCA have stated that they “have jointly been committed to (Songl) for the past two years. However, all stakeholders have moved their focus from this service into other music and content-based […]

Navman refreshes EZY GPS range with 5-inch and 7-inch models

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Image: Beau Giles/Flickr (Creative Commons) Despite the undeniable shift towards all-in-one gadgets in recent years, particularly thanks to the impact of the smartphone, there is still something to be said about dedicated products that do one thing, and do it well. This is particularly noticable when talking about the modern car essential, the humble GPS. While your phone can likely get you from A to B there are still a number of issues […]

HP’s Stream notebook could be Microsoft’s answer to the Chromebook

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Just a few months ago, Microsoft talked briefly of a new version of Windows, unfortunately known as Windows 8.1 with Bing. The main difference was that the apparently stripped-back copy of Windows would come pre-installed with Internet Explorer, as well as Bing search by default. Though Microsoft had just one restriction for hardware makers: the price of the device itself must be low. And while, as far as we know, the restrictions to the OS don’t cut […]

Steve Ballmer loves his new job as owner of the LA Clippers

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Just under an hour ago, at the Clippers Fan Festival in San Francisco, Microsoft’s infallible ex-CEO, Steve Ballmer, took the stage. And by all accounts, he bloody loved the whole event. And who could blame him? The millionaire, already on-record as a lover of basketball, now owns an NBA team, the LA Clippers. With some quality Eminem blasting in the background (the quite appropriate track ‘Lose Yourself’), the charismatic figure high-fived every hand in sight, as cameras […]

gamescom 2014: Your Australian Streaming Guide

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Gamescom, which takes place annually in Germany, is increasingly becoming the destination for gaming announcements, especially for European regions, and this year won’t disappoint. With new consoles now well and truly starting to find their place in homes globally, a focus on games, rather than consoles, is expected at the 2014 show, with Microsoft, Sony, and others already teasing plenty of fresh gaming goss on social media. But how on earth are you going to see […]

Note The Date: Samsung to announce new GALAXY Note device September 3

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Samsung rarely shies away from a cheesy launch event, and while it might be a little early to put your popcorn in the microwave just yet, the Korean phone manufacturer still wants you to ‘Note The Date’ for an upcoming product launch. If we’re lucky the spotlight will be directed at a magician, a confident child-actor, or perhaps even a musical-number, as we’ve seen at previous Samsung product launches. Taking place September 3 at 11PM […]

Beyond The Verge: Joshua Topolsky leaves Vox Media for Bloomberg, while Nilay Patel returns as EIC

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It’s often been difficult to define exactly what Vox Media’s ‘The Verge’ is. Launched in 2011 by ex-AOL/Engadget bloggers Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, Chris Ziegler, just to name a few, The Verge, from the outset, looked like the ultimate technology publication. With a star-studded roster, joined by Vox Media’s unmatched video and product team, the website seemed to have a fresh focus and simple goal: to create content for a niche […]

Google unveils Material Design, a unified design language for Android, Chrome OS

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Google has long been known as a company with a beautiful, though fragmented design language. Just a glance at an Android and Chrome OS app in the same sitting could be enough to convince a user that these platforms were both created by a separate company. And in a way, due to the size of Google, that’s almost true. So in a massive announcement at Google I/O the company has shown plans to consolidate the […]

Cadbury’s Joy Generator: We came for joy and all we got was this lousy block of chocolate

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It’s a cold, sunny Friday Morning in the Sydney CBD and what better way to spend our morning than to visit the Cadbury Joy Generator – a Facebook-powered chocolate vending machine. The machine uses your Facebook likes and interests to calculate your best match, whether it be Original, Fruit & Nut, Roasted Almond or Snack – the Joy Generator has 12 of the best flavours available. While it is an […]