Samsung to shut down Wallet service on June 30

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Samsung has announced in an email to all Samsung Wallet customers that it will be shutting down the service on June 30.

The reason why Samsung is shutting down the service was because not many people were using the service. In a separate message to Samsung Wallet partners, they noted that “the usage rate… was not what anyone expected.”

“One of our company’s core values is to guarantee the best user experience. We feel today that we can no longer guarantee  this experience. This is why we have officially  decided to discontinue Samsung Wallet on June 30, 2015 in all counties,” it said.

Launched in 2013 and designed to be a competitor to Apple’s Passbook, it would let users store credit and membership cards, tickets and coupons on their Samsung smartphone for an “expedited checkout experience.”

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  • Grumpigeek

    The Samsung Wallet service bloatware on my Galaxy S5 has always been an enraging piece of crap.

    If they are going to shut it down then why the hell isn’t there an option to uninstall it.

    For f*** sake you can’t even disable it!

  • Rob

    I did actually install and set it up but it was pretty much useless at least in the UK so didn’t keep it for long.
    Can only install Paypal no credit or debit cards or bank accounts.
    And why use a Samsung app when Paypal already have one which is more useful?
    Tickets have to be from certain companies like for instance Czech Airlines so not overly useful.
    Vouchers have to be from a partner company’s app which wasn’t downloadable so the only thing I could find to use this “Wallet” for was to store a copy of my Tesco club card and guess what I already have an app for that.

    Is this just a UK thing? Was it more useful in other countries just curious