AldiMobile slashes data on Unlimited plan

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The old saying “It’s too good to be true” is often said with cheap mobile deals and it couldn’t be more true with AldiMobile. AldiMobile has updated their unlimited plan which has halved the data allowance from 5GB to just 2.5GB. This is definitely a shame since the 5GB data allowance made it an attractive plan. It’s also notable that the included $10 of international credit with the unlimited plan has disappeared.

We’ve seen this before with Kogan Mobile and other smaller Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s) slashing plan inclusions or hiking up prices which eventually damaged the brand. The changes to the plan is most likely due to a recent influx of new customers from the fall of Kogan Mobile and the agreement between Telstra and AldiMobile is stretched.


Are you an AldiMobile customer? Will you move networks?

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  • Very Unhappy Aldi Customer

    After two days of non support from their support department – yes I am, seems my teenager sent too many text messages so he has been barred from using the add on for text messages??? They sent him a warning the day before his 30 days were up saying he had used too many, very heavy handed approach to their customers. Besides who’d of thought that teenagers would make lots of text messages and virtually no phone calls

  • Sarah

    Move to lycamobile, way better!

  • Tom S

    I’m on Aldi and I have no reason to move networks at the moment. It still works and is an awesome deal!