Halo 4 Champions Bundle DLC announced

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Halo 4 Champions Bundle Screenshot Ricochet - Standing Tall

Announced at this year’s Rooster Teeth Expo, 343 Industries are bringing more Halo 4 content this ‘Summer’. Including a lot more skins, armor and bonus content, halo fans will also be pleased to see a remake of one of the best maps from Halo 3, The Pit. You will be able to get everything listed below in one Champions bundle for 800MSP plus some bonus content.

You can also buy the packs separately, but who would want to do that, when you can get everything in one nifty package? and for a cheaper price too.

The Champions Bundle includes:

– Bullseye Map Pack
Halo 4 Champions Bundle Concept Pitfall - AbandonedHalo 4 Champions Bundle Concept Vertigo - HarnessPitfall, a remake of the classic Halo 3 The Pit, which includes minor tweaks to fit the Halo 4 gameplay. The second map named Vertigo, a medium sized map which includes a deadly central point that can change up gameplay.

– Ricochet
gametypeThe pack includes a new Ricochet Armor set, and along with the new maps, 343 are introducing new gametypes. One specifically named Ricochet where teams fight over a ball where they will be able to throw the ball to the destination point or run into it. Pretty much like Slayer, Oddball and Basketball mashup.

New Weapons Skins
weaponskinsWhich includes the Steel Skin Pack, gold/steampunk versions of all loadout weapons. As well as additional skins for those who purchase the bundle.

– Infinity Armor Packarmor sets 343 Industries have really listened to community on this one, bringing back the Mark V (Iconic Caboose helmet) and ODST armor. Along with the Ricochet armor, there will be a new set of armor named Prefect, which is probably based off forerunner armor.


– Exclusive Content with the Champions Bundle:
Halo 4
– More Armor Skins
– More Weapons Skins
– More Stances

I’mloving this DLC bundle because of Pitfall and the new customisable skins, of course you will be able to buy packs separately for 240MSP, but the bundle is looking to be worth getting, with its bonus content. 343 have done an amazing job at listening to fans, and its great to see them bring back old armour, especially for Rooster Teeth and Red vs Blue.

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  • guest-who-posts

    It needs to die. Microsoft thinking they could take over halo was foolish, and hopefully they’re realizing that now. Hopefully Bungie is reaping in all the financial benefits to feed destiny.

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      You DO realize that Halo has always belonged to Microsoft, and that it was Bungie’s choice to drop it and leave MS? Microsoft didn’t “think that they could take over Halo”, ALL rights to it were left in their hands after BUNGIE decided they didn’t want to do it anymore.

      Also, Activision is pouring tons of money into Destiny, far more than they did the Walking Dead game, so you know (and they know) they have a hit on their hands.

  • Saul Martinez

    I dont think bringing more maps and skins is going to return halo the 1 million players that its lost. Halo 3 after six months had twice the amount of players at launch (If i can recall 1,200,000 in summer 2008) And in July of 2013, Halo 4 has an abysmal 30,000 players on an average weekend. Halo has obviously dropped out in the leader multiplayer category as its gameplay has had few changes and very little to add to the experience. Even Battlefield has overtaken Halo in overall player count. Halo needs a change, and not just a graphical one.

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      I enjoy playing Halo 4, IMO its matchmaking multiplayer is better than Reach’s (which, by the way, is where a lot of the players went. They didn’t necessarily stop playing Halo, just Halo 4).
      The issue I feel is that Microsoft can’t replicate the same sense of community that Bungie did. Bungie put soul into their work – 343 seems like they’re just the machine that’s keeping Halo going.
      I agree with you that it needs a change. Perhaps we need “Big Team Battle” to turn into “Big Team War”, with support for as many players as Battlefield 4 will have in the new generation of consoles (that’s 66 players by the way, including one Commander for each team). That, and a better storyline, which, now that Cortana’s gone, should be interesting. The Prometheans, should 343 keep them as enemies, need to be a lot better, as right now I prefer the Flood bullet sponges over the annoying (for all intents and purposes) robots.

      • Saul Martinez

        Yes, I was just referring comparing Halo 3’s post-launch to Halo 4’s. I agree with everything you have said as well, more community input has to be made, and IMO, Halo’s multiplayer has to be made free-to-play. If microsoft really wants to expand the series as they wish, they must reach out to more players by making a free-to-play model with micro transactions.

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        Okay, that I have to disagree with you strongly on. Every F2P model I’ve seen has turned into Pay to Win, except where the micro transactions in question are for purely cosmetic things, like characters and skins in League of Legends and hats in Team Fortress 2. So, you’re saying that the basic Halo multiplayer should be free to play, with things like weapon skins, maps and armour needing to be paid for? Which, by the way, we already have with DLC?
        Microsoft would never go for that, especially since that would mean they lose money, as currently they profit from the initial game sale, DLC purchases, and the required Xbox LIVE Gold memberships needed to play online.
        Perhaps if they changed their Xbox LIVE model… but with all the new features of the Xbox One that rely on a Gold membership, I really don’t see that happening.