Dear Nintendo, kill the Wii U now

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Wii U

OPINION: The next-generation consoles announced by Microsoft and Sony for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have astonishing graphics, powerful hardware, and even a way to capture gaming moments to share to your friends. All of which don’t exist on the other supposed ‘next-generation’ console, the Wii U.

I don’t even know why people are calling the Wii U a ‘next-generation’ console, mainly because the hardware is pretty much in line with the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. It pales in comparison with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Nintendo took a big risk in announcing its supposed ‘next-generation’ console a year earlier than its rivals. And now it’s paying for that. Consumers aren’t buying the Wii U mainly because there are a lack of original titles – the Wii U’s titles have largely consisted of rehashed version of third-party titles that launched a year ago and Nintendo properties. That’s it.

It has scheduled a Nintendo Direct for June 12 – in the middle of E3. However, what’s the likelihood that it will have a strong list of third-party titles, as well as a strong list of first-party games?

Developers aren’t going to spend time now in creating a Wii U port. The reasoning is similar to why there were a lack of ports for the Wii – the graphics. The Wii U’s graphics is the equivalent to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3; not the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Developers are not going to spend time in dumbing down their graphics to support the Wii U, when the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One offer them new things to play with. Not just a stupid tablet, but more graphics and processing power to tell a story that can be beautifully presented.

Nintendo Wii U was supposed to court developers to bring their ‘hardcore gamer’ titles like Call of DutyBattlefield and Grand Theft Auto titles – in order to shake off the perception that the Wii name is a ‘casual gamer’ brand, not a ‘gaming brand’. The very brand perception that it created back in 2006 when it announced the Wii.

“What we’re unveiling is the next leap of gaming… where it’s no longer confined to just the few, it’s about everyone,” Regis Fils-Aime, then Nintendo’s USA marketing man (now Nintendo of America’s CEO), said back at its E3 2006 press conference.

However, Nintendo has failed to shake that perception off the Wii brand.

So, don’t expect DestinyBattlefield 4 or even Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Wii U. Expect more of the same with the Wii U – games like Just Dance 15 and Scribblenauts 9000. Possibly even another We Dare game for the Wii U. Who knows? Ubisoft may have found a way to incorporate the tablet.

The Wii U is pretty much a dead man console walking.

It’s time to cut their losses, kill the Wii U, and start again.

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  • Wii U sucks.
    Don’t buy it or you’ll waste your money.

  • this guy

    You’re a moron. Next-gen is about what you have to bring to the table at that current generation. It has nothing to do with graphics, so please stop spouting your ignorant bullshit. Last I checked, Wii demolished it’s competitors while supposedly also being “last gen.”

  • assd

    Whoever rewrote this article is an ignorant moron

    Sega died because they stopped supporting consoles too early. If Nintendo simply killed the Wii U to bring a new console It would only bring more bad rep and even WORSE sales

  • Reece

    I have a 3DS, and a Wii. I have a PSVita, Xbox360 and an iPhone. I have had a PS3, DS, DS Lite and PSP.

    I AGREE 100% with this article, people like ‘Skyloft Knight’, ‘Julio’, ‘MarrkDavid’ and ‘GUARD’ are clearly Nintendo fanboys that will not allow anyone to say anything negative about their precious consoles.

    Last time I checked, no one liked the Wii U. While it was a good idea, Nintendo just assumed based on the Wii’s success, that the Wii U would also be a success.

    Console’s are the games, and with little or no popular, playable or even AAA titles on the console, the Wii U is destined to go down the same path as the Apple Pippin and the Nokia N-Gage.

    Please don’t reply to this, I already know you disagree with me, common sense & logic.

    • GUARD

      OMG you don’t understand the gaming industry either??? It is all about the games and when it comes to Nintendo (for the past 3-4 generations), it’s ALL about the Nintendo exclusives. If you hate Nintendo games you’re a fanboy, if you don’t then give the god dam console some time to breath cuz those games are announced and coming. You sound so freaken ignorant! >.>

      • Reece

        These are games no one plays EXCEPT nintendo fanboys.
        If I hate nintendo games, it’s because they are bad, an opinion which most people agree with.
        The games that are coming are sequels for games that don’t deserve sequels, and are poorly rated. If you don’t see this, it simply proves you are the ignorant one.

      • GUARD

        OMG you sound so pathetic and stupid right now! XD Yeah yeah keep limiting yourself with your gaming experience kid!

      • Reece

        It’s funny when you get pissed upon losing a argument via logic.
        I’ll keep enjoying endless uninhibited content the PC has to offer, which by the way, contrary to your previous commented about “limiting my gaming experience”, provides an virtually unlimited amount of content.

      • GUARD

        Pissed? Ummmmmm no….. Saying “I hate Nintendo, you like them, so you are a fanboy” isn’t logic at all wtf! XD Yeah, the PC has its strong part (I admit this cuz I aint sucking Nintendo’s cock like you are with the PC apparently. lol), but all it comes down to are the games. Saying that people who play games that you don’t like are fanboys sound incredibly ignorant indeed. It’s the idea that you enjoy PC, yet limit yourself to PC that’s pathetic.

        Also… unlimited amount of content? GTFO! Do you have Gears or Halo? NO How about God Of War or Uncharted? NO Ok then how about Zelda or Smash Bros.? NOPE

        Kinda funny how you do the bashing with no logic whatsoever (yet claim that you use it which is hilarious! XD), while I defend the big N as someone who isn’t a hater, fanboy, or sucking dick like you’re doing right now. You just made my day kid seriously! XD

      • Reece

        PC has Halo + Halo 2. It also has Gears of War.

        Anything else can be played via Emulators.

        Also, never said I hated it, just said it won’t be a success, and that the games are letting it down. As stated previously, I have an Xbox 360, Wii, Vita and iPhone. All of which I use fairly regularly.

        It’s quite clear by now that you are indeed a Nintendo Fan-boy, and no amount of logic will beat your fan-walls down.

      • GUARD

        I’m defending the big N, not bashing the competition. BIG difference! A fan is someone who prefers a brand or library of games yet are interested in playing (or are playing) other types of games on other platforms. A fanboy is someone who limits himself in his gaming experiences because of a brand, visual style ect…

        Man did I really just have to teach the difference between a fan and a fanboy to some random kid…. wow…. just wow. XD

      • Reece

        Actually again you fail to be correct.

        A fanboy can be:

        1. A person who is completely loyal to a game or company regardless of if they suck or not.
        2. A pathetic insult often used by fanboys themselves to try and put down people who don’t like whatever it is they like.

        This describes your behavior to a tee.

      • GUARD

        What?!? You just described a true loyal fan, not a fanboy. I game more on my other systems proving your point to be completely invalid. I wouldn’t of pre-ordered a PS4 and an X-Box One if I was a fanboy.

        I just state the obvious…. that systems are all about the games. I don’t personally get turned off by cartoony visuals or completely different gameplay experiences. In fact, I couldn’t be happier that Nintendo systems give me a completely different experience. So as much as I can’t wait for the next game by Naughty Dog for the PS4, or how Dead Rising 3 will play out on X-Box One, I also can’t wait to play the next Smash Bros. on Wii U.

        This does not make me a fanboy and if you think it does, you’re either a troll or a complete idiot.

      • Reece

        Definitions are from Urban Dictionary.

        You can be a fanboy, and play other systems.

        Your stubbornness leads me to believe that you sir, are the troll

      • GUARD

        Keep being stupid kid! XD

      • joe

        XDDD ur so much more mature than him XDD

      • GUARD

        It aint sarcastic if it’s true right? :P

  • Skyloft Knight

    I also completely disagree with this article. As a huge
    Nintendo fan and an early 3DS adopter I also remember the immense ridicule from
    others when the 3DS launched and sales began to slow once the initial games ran
    out. However, I saw the potential, and once November came and Super Mario 3D
    Land and Mario Kart 7 came out I was proud to be a 3DS owner. Super Mario 3D Land is one of my all-time favourite
    games and this kick started the revitalisation of the 3DS in the same way that
    Super Mario 3D World will hopefully. Nintendo makes quality games. There is no
    question about this. As a day 1 Wii U owner, I have patiently waited for the
    next onslaught of fantastic Wii U games (Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Rayman
    Legends, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
    HD, Super Mario 3D World). I have enjoyed every moment on the Wii U (Lego City
    Undercover, Nintendo Land, Assassins Creed 3, New Super Mario Bros Wii U) so
    far and I have never lost faith in Nintendo to create inspirational and mesmerising
    games. So please, give the Wii U a chance! Don’t dismiss it because it simply
    didn’t sell well on launch. Play the Wii U and try out all these amazing new
    games when they launch and trust me you will see why it does not deserve to die
    due to slow sales. It deserves to be congratulated for advancing gaming to the
    next level with the innovations of the Wii U GamePad and what it can actually

  • WellWisher

    Terence, you seem to know a lot about the hardware of the Wii U. Please share your insights with us. All I am aware of is developer comments and speculation. Please share the information you have with us as I am really interested to know.

  • Rodger Jamjet

    This person is a complete dickhead and knows only one thing, and that’s how’s to write complete and utter bullshit! For one thing the Wii U IS getting Call of Duty: Ghosts and will get other major titles in the future. Once again to explain on things … This editorial is complete and utter horse shit!

  • Julio

    Who ever wrote this article is ignorant…Why would they kill the Wii U when The wonderful 101, mario 3d world, donkey kong tropical freeze, is coming this year? As for next year: SSB 4, Bayonetta 2, Monolith soft’s X, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Yarn yoshi, and possibly unannounced Wii U games. (For what I heard) I’m not being a fanboy here and I’m definitely buying the PS4 and maybe the Xbone. Just to let you know consoles never had a good start. Look at the PS3 and the 3DS when they first launched, they had a bad start until now. Same thing it may happen to the Wii U. You guys are judging the Wii U too early though, I would not be surprised when the PS4X1 are not doing well when they come out.

    • Reece

      Wii U has sold ~ 3.5 million consoles since launch.

      I believe on Amazon, the PS4 & Xbox1 were selling 2500 consoles per minute when pre-orders were opened.

      Adjusting for a gradual slowing, it is safe to assume that after only one week of pre-orders the consoles may have sole more then the Wii U has for its entire release, simply in the pre-order stage.


    Well I understood 1 thing after reading this article… and it’s that the one who wrote it has no idea what he’s talking about. XD Like seriously man??? It’s 2013 and you still don’t know that hardware means jack shit every generation? It’s all about the games man, you just learned something new how cute! :D

    • Commander Jim

      Yeah, when Wii U owners miss out on all the big titles like Wii owners did I’m sure they’ll be comforted by the idea that hardware doesn’t matter.

      • GUARD

        You obviously don’t give a shit about Nintendo exclusives implying you are a fanboy and thus gave a completely invalid response. GTFO and come back with better reasoning drone! XD

  • Adrian Cajili

    We Dare U please!!!

  • MarrkDaviid

    I completely disagree with this article, Nintendo should not kill the Wii U.

    Let’s compare the Nintendo 3DS to the PS Vita for a moment. The PS Vita has better specifications on paper, the Nintendo 3DS however has a lot more games that people want to play, and is therefore doing better.

    You are focusing too much on the actual hardware, and not enough on the content (games), many of which will ONLY be available on the Wii U. We are talking about dozens of games with Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong etc.

    Another similar example of hardware not being the most important factor is the iPhone. There are plenty of mobiles out there with better specifications for less $$. Hardware and specifications are only so important.

    P.S. I own an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo 3DS. Whilst I currently have no plans to get a Wii U, I disagree with what you are saying.