Lenovo’s “rip and flip” ThinkPad Helix coming to Australia in late February

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Lenovo has confirmed that the ThinkPad Helix – a convertible laptop that has a unique “rip and flip” design (where, basically you just remove it from its dock) – will be coming to Australian shores sometime this February.

The tablet/laptop can separate from the keyboard to become a fully-functional tablet running up to a 3rd-generation Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor with vPro. Internal specs include an 11.6-inch screen, up to 256GB SSD drive, and up to 4GB of memory. The tablet itself weighs only 835g, and and a light 1.7kg when you add the keyboard. Battery life is up to 10 hours, according to Lenovo. Other extras include support for LTE (though, it appears that the Australian one will not get this) and NFC technology.

The convertible offers three different modes – the tablet mode and the laptop mode are pretty self explanatory. The third is “stand mode”, where you can use the keyboard as a stand by simply placing the screen facing away from the keyboard. This mode is perfect if you want to watch movies.

Pricing for the convertible tablet/laptop starts at AU$2000, with retailers, business partners and Lenovo’s own website selling this in late-February.

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  • Mick

    Well I have mine and it does come with a 8GB option and I paid far less than $2000 for it. No LTE its true but that doesn’t bother me, can easily tether to my phone if needed, meanwhile 3g will do the trick in most cases. Very happy so far, the ultimate laptop and tablet combined.

  • Niko

    Once again Australia used as the dumping… No wonder we buy everything overseas for half the price.

  • Exgaves

    That is insultingly rediculous, $2000 for a base price in Australia? Congratulations Lenovo, you just lost a customer. I was so excited for this too, what a kick in the balls.

  • Starts at $2000? That means i5 for that price??

  • Why does Lenovo always sell Aussies short?!? Was it that hard to give us 8GB of RAM and support for Australian 4G/LTE. Was looking at upgrading my 5YO Lenovo T61p Thinkpad, with the Helix – but now probably not!!! :-(