GALLERY: Hands on the Nokia N9

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Image: Tom Solari/ Editors Terence Huynh and Tom Solari were recently invited to a special meeting with Nokia where they got a hands-on demo of the new Nokia N9 smartphone. Featuring an 8-megapixel camera, a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, the phone is scheduled for a release late Q3.

In addition, Australia and the Asia-Pacific will be the first region to launch this device, and all major carriers have shown interest on the phone. As well, the three colours – Black, Cyan and Magenta (pink) – will all come in 16GB capacity, but the Black will also come in 64GB capacity.

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Images: Tom Solari/

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Terrence/Tom
    Can you please advise what you base your claim that Australia will be the 1st market on?
    I hope to god it has a solid basis, soo excited, w00t!!!!

  • tgfan

    Really hope it lands soon here in the Philippines! Great site btw.  From your usage, does the body scratch easily? Tnx

  • Ous r the first 2 get it yay :D

  • Anonymous

    Nice post . can you elaborate on how the Australia , Asia Pacific will be first to get the N9 ? Cant wait to get mine :)

    • Nokia in Europe has said that they prefer to wait for the WP7 phones, and usually Europe and NA are first when it comes to phone releases. Nokia Australia will release the WP7 phones next year, and release this phone in Q3.

      • Anonymous

        “Nokia in Europe has said that they prefer to “wait” for the WP7 phones”

        You’re kidding me, they’ve actually said that?
        Are you 100% sure that’s factual? Who originally said this?

      • Anonymous

        This seems to conflict with what many users in Europe are reporting @ the maemo/meego forums.

        I’ve seen numerous users from Europe confirm that retailers/carriers have inadvertently/deliberately claimed availability of Q3.
        One has even let slip a specific date of September 23rd…

        I find it odd that Europe has supposedly said they’d prefer to wait for WP7.
        If anyone has said that… it’d be Nokia North America IMO…
        Europe’s quite different to NA, the love for WP isn’t absolute, like it is in NA.

  • This phone is probably shit like all other Nokias

    • I can tell you this phone is pretty good. It’s not “shit” as you would put it.

  • Was MeeGo good?

    • lolcats

    • Can definitely say it is much better than Symbian. Can compete with WP7, iPhone and Android. Beautifully design and very simple to use.