PlayStation Network still down for “maintenance” [updated 9:30am]

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[This story will continue to be updated as news comes to hand.]

On Thursday we reported that the PlayStation Network had been down for the entire afternoon.

12 hours later, the PSN was still down and a post on the EU PlayStation.Blog revealed that it may be “a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running.”

Sony is still trying to blame “maintenance” for the issue, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this problem is to do with Anonymous[Update: Anonymous had denied any involvement with this downtime. Their statement is below] And the fact that this is going down on one of Australia’s longest public holiday’s is devastating for gamers.

Get it together Sony!

Update: Anonymous has said that they do not have anything to do with the outage and posted this image:

Update 2: A spokesperson for Sony has released this statement on the PlayStation Blog.

An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th. Providing quality entertainment services to our customers and partners is our utmost priority. We are doing all we can to resolve this situation quickly, and we once again thank you for your patience. We will continue to update you promptly as we have additional information to share.

The spokesperson hasn’t estimated the time it’ll take to fix this issue, so the PlayStation Network may still be down for tomorrow and beyond.

Update 3: Another post on the PlayStation Blog reveals that Sony is “re-building” their system to “strengthen our network infrastructure”.

We sincerely regret that PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been suspended, and we are working around the clock to bring them both back online. Our efforts to resolve this matter involve re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure. Though this task is time-consuming, we decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security.

We thank you for your patience to date and ask for a little more while we move towards completion of this project. We will continue to give you updates as they become available.

Update 4: Unofficial blog PlayStation Universe is reporting that a SCEE source has told that the PSN suffered a LOIC attack, which damaged the server. “Admin Dev accounts were breached.”

“Sony then shut down the PSN and [is] currently in the process of restoring backups to new servers with new admin dev accounts.”

The source also revealed that the PSN may be restored today in Japan and tomorrow in the US, EU and Australia.

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    i am the hacker all of u get a life ahhaahhaahahahahahahha psn is down omg omg omg omg omg omg GET OVER IT GO GET AN XBOX OR GO OUTSIDE ENJOY THE SUNLIGHT GO LOOSE A FEW POUNDS AND WHO EVER BUYS THINGS OFF THE NET WITH A CREDIT CARD U ARE A DUMB FUC K

    • Rolekss

      U wish u were him u basement rat fuck!

  • Predator3192

    dosent bother me the point is people shouldnt have to lie about all their details, but when stupid cock heads like GEOHOTZ hack sony and potentially get every1s creditcard details, the psn users who lose money,data etc should get refunded. eg. u give me $100 then sumone steals it then i say owell not my fault.

  • Rolekss

    One Big tip for anyone using online services.
    1- Never spell your name correctly
    2- Never give your actual postal address
    3- Always use a debit card for online transactions with a max limit of $200
    4- Never give your real birthday

    I have NEVER in my entire life given out my real details to any website or subscriber on the net! U must be mad to provide all your real correct info.

    Good luck to these hackers getting anything out of my account or info,none of my info matches any other info or addresses or birthdays. so basically they will get a fictional character and wont be able to get a cent out of my account.

  • Rolekss

    BREAKING NEWS ON PSN. SYD AUS TIME 10:30am. Source- ABC News 24 -Channel 20 NSW
    Hackers have infiltrated Sonys PSN and have accessed and stolen up to 70million PSN users Login details,Passwords and in many cases credit card numbers also. Sony advises all PSN Acoount holders with credit card info to issue a fraud warning to their financial institution.
    FUUCCKK U GEOHOTZ u faggot bitch. If u are such a great hacker how did they find u u fuckn basement rat. Whoever hacked PSN will be caught one way or another.
    SO this means that PSN will be down for Weeks!!!!!!
    NOT FUCKN HAPPY SONY. If anything happens to my account i will be seeking compensation and start a class action on behalf of millions of Australian users!
    Please spread the news about this incident to as many web posts,blogs and groups as possible.

  • Rolekss

    This is some really fukked up shit! and the lack of info from sony just makes it worse! I bet ya all the IT staff at sony are kickin back for the extra long weekend off,so they dont have to fix an issue which is pissing MILLIONS of ppl off! Whats the bet it comes back online tommorrow morning when we all gotta go back to work! FFUUCCKK UUUUUUUUUUUUU SONY!
    Im taking a week off work to make up for this downtime. Just got Crysis 2 so am dying to play multiplayer,plus Homefront and COD MW2!! There should be some sort of free download for all PSN users (like a new COD map or something) to make up for this outrages downtime!

    • Matt Tarran

      i reckon ayy

  • brentttttttttt

    i couldnt agree more with ya rolekss i live in syd to and had a wk of work for long wk end and all and i wanted some down time wit a few mates but nooo sony is fucked heyy first time i get to play cod in a month and wat happens network down its fucked………………….

    • Matt Tarran

      i guess SONY dont like you then ayye?

  • Rolekss

    This is fukked, since thursday syd aus time the PSN network has been down!!!
    FUKKN OATH, HURRY UP AND FIX THE DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • im from vic and we have had the same issue its insane

    • Matt Tarran

      yeah, im from SA and we have had it offline since last Wednesday

  • gamer

    maybe people can get of the couch and do something else with there fat arse for a week or so .. would that be to hard?

    • You obviously either aren’t a gamer or don’t own a PS3.

      • gamer

        NEWS JUST OUT . The worlds sony diet helps millions lose up to 2 kilo,s over 5 days .

    • gamer

      Im both . get out there and be active .

    • backdoorinfo

      News in psn off line for two weeks. check ign.

      • Do you have a link?

      • backdoorinfo

        nah just kidding, everyone is just so depressed about it.

      • gamer

        then what sort of backdoor info was that ?

  • It’s been 5 days now.

  • Jamiekenn25

    ffs its been 4 days and i still cant play on psn come on sony stop being assholes

  • Titansrule9000

    fukoath hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up b4 i jump off a building need my cod fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Ericksson79

    i’m dying to kill cnts on cod hurry up sony u sell out

  • Titansrule9000

    haha just our luck hey if its not fixed buy tuesday im trading in for an xbox 360 fuk sonyyyy there hopeless…….

  • Babybayb

    fuk i saw on the au post last night at about 10 pm that its fixed n by the time u read this hopefully u can play online … woke up desmornin the post was gone all together of the sony au site WTF there decieving liers

  • Titansrule9000

    i know how u all feel im itching to play cod4 i hope those hackkers rot in hell fucking up the longweekend hurry up fix it sonys a multybillion dollar company it should be done already goddd

  • anzac81

    cmon sony the clock is a ticking i want online gaming back offline gaming is shit
    i’m missing homefront , blackops and AFL live

  • Dave

    Gee, Anonymous sure picked a good time to get back at Sony.
    I guess it serves Sony right for focusing on being vindictive and greedy instead of getting their own house in order and securing their servers.

  • Theopsproject

    its been 30 hours i hope sony is losing alot of money

    • Big123q

      sony wont be losing shit we dont pay to play online which i the best thing about psn who ever fucked it up loves the penis in his mouth

  • Theopsproject

    im dieing to playing call of duty black ops zombies hopefully its back up by 7 or 9 if its not on by the morning im gonna trade my ps3 in for xbox 360

    • i hope you don’t.
      this is a big year of PlayStation exclusives

  • Monicaayala79

    i want to play call of duty black ops

    im going to kill players when its back on and running

  • Been looking forward to Fancy Pants Adventures on PSN for a very long time.

    Get it online Sony!

  • Andres_menow

    Anyone now how to duplicate players? FIFA UT add me Andres_El_Toro

  • Andres_menow

    Hurry the F@k up, FIFA11 UT is waiting for me!


    wow no online black ops, no netflix ,your getting in my pocket ALOT playstation!!!!!! @ $375. console, $60.controller ,$60. game, netflix $10.a month for movies and etc.. ..(that i cant watch) come on throw a dog a bone playstation maybe a new controller or one of them new releases something by the way i have 3 playstation 3s 1 playstation 2 about 150 games8 controllers camera assault riffle with the move should i sell this and get something that works????????? i mean how many billions did you make from CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS again??which i am addicted to !!!!!!

  • bnon

    dose it work yet

  • Abu–othman

    hurry…….. up…….. SONY!!

  • i wana play black ops sooo freaking bad!

  • huryy please!!

  • Sean

    hurry…….. up…….. SONY!!