Ecuador offers residence to Assange

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The founder of Wikileaks and the man who has managed to create uproar in Washington by leaking classified documents from both the US military and the US State Department, Julian Assange, has been offered a place of residence in Ecuador.

Telling Ecuadorinmediato (In Spanish), the deputy Foreign Minister Kintto Lucas said that they were willing to give him residence in the country with no conditions.

“We are ready to give him residence in Eucador, with no problem and no conditions,” he said.

“We are going to invite him to come to Eucador so he can freely present the information he possess and all the documentation, not just over the internet but in a variety of public forums.”

Eucador’s proposal comes as Australia is currently investigating if the Wikileaks action are deemed as ‘whistle-blowing’ or a violation of Australian law. Australia can also revoke his passport as a punitive measure. Iceland has also assisted Assange in helping build a ‘safe haven’ for Wikileaks to hold its data, with its new free speech laws.

Image from: espenmoe/Flickr