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Noticed something new? Yes, has been given a facelift – and just in time for E3. We have a couple of changes from the previous Bitstream theme, but also some new additions – including more integration with our Topics section. But now, lets say hello to a brand new theme and a brand new look – titled Exogenesis. (You should have seen glimpses of what we have done yesterday, as we have changed our Twitter account to reflect the upcoming changes.)

Renamed Apple and Gaming Sections

We have rebranded both our Apple and Gaming sections to Cupertino Loop and Pwnage. This is a little experiment to see if you like us to have names for our sections, rather than just saying “Apple” and “Pwnage”. As well, they act as like a mini-blog, meaning that they will be promoted separately, but will form part of the Network.

A Streamlined Toolbox

In Bitstream, we introduced the idea of the Toolbox. Basically, this had several links to bookmark and share alongside the trackback URL and shorten URL. Now, we have streamlined it from six options to two – share and shorten URL. The Share option has several links – including Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and Digg, plus four more. If you don’t see it, there is always that last icon – where you can choose where to post it.

Topics. Everywhere.

We have been working on introducing topics to our blog posts for the last few months, and now we have. Topics (our way of saying these posts have been tagged this and that) should now be at the bottom of each post. However, be warned. Because we had to use auto-tagging to fill in the blanks for most of the posts, some will be inaccurate topics for the post. If you see an error, contact us with the post and we will try and rectify the problem.

Search. Done By Us.

We have finally gone back and done the searches ourselves. If you see at the top – with the header, you will now see there is a little search box. Why not try it, and it will give you a listing on the posts relevant to your query, the author, the date and where it is from (TECHGEEK, Pwnage or Cupertino Loop).

‘All Sections’ what?

We’ve noticed that people have opted to use the All Sections to find Apple and Gaming on Bitstream. So, we decided to push them at the front and renamed the ‘All Sections’ as More. More will deliver all the categories and the top 10 topics on the page. We also have reduced the clutter – so now, you will see our top three sections: gadgets, gaming and Apple news; alongside our staple reviews and tips & tricks links.

Don’t forget. This site is in BETA! Yes, in BETA! We are basically going to try and see how things look from here, and if you want to make any suggestions on changes, comment below. As well, feedback would be lovely.