censored by ACMA!?

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For about three-four hours, we were censored by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) – and that had to hurt our business. Don’t worry, we got everything back to normal because we moved to another host.

Read more on what happened after the jump.

Except, it wasn’t them that censored our site. It was us. Yes, we admit it. We did create that fake ACMA page (and it couldn’t be freaking obvious). We’re really bad and we’re really sorry about making you think our site was censored by the Government. By the way, we didn’t actually move (we still love you – our hosting company who shall remain nameless).

So, again, we’re really sorry if you’re upset. But hey, it was fun when it was lasted. Happy April Fools Day!

P.S. There is no criteria in refused classification for “Supernatural Themes” or “Opposition against the Rudd Government”. Though, I don’t want to be on Rudd’s bad side – especially when attacked Robin Williams.