Twitterrific goes 2.0, starts pressure in app wars

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I admit that once I got my iPod touch, I instantly loaded Twitterrific onto it, because Twitter applications for the iPhone and iPod touch were rare. But now, have a look a year later, a multitude of applications for the microblogging site has appeared – and I personally use Twitterfon now.

However, once I got an update for Twitterrific, I decided to upgrade it, and hence, here is’s review of Twitterrific 2.0.

  • Score:

    10.0 / 10

  • The Good:

    Interface is sleek and packed with features.

  • The Bad:

    Free edition has advertising<

  • Bottom Line:

    Brilliant Twitter Client for iPhone

IMG_0010 IMG_0008

Twitterrific in 2.0 announces a multitude of new features and designs if you haven’t bought its premium application, which had several features that those who got free didn’t get. A retooled interface also is brought out, with three new themes of the new interface (previously, a second theme is in the premium edition – that has now been scrapped); and now has support for multiple Twitter accounts.

The appearance on where you look at your (and other people’s) tweets remains the same; but is also retooled. Not only you can change the size, but you can also favourite, find mentions of the user and e-mail the tweet. Replying and retweeting is also made easier.

IMG_0014 IMG_0015

In a move to catch up with rivals, it features a new image uploader – by default, yfrog, but you can change that in the settings,  extended author information, conversation threading and a improved posting interface – now with tabs so you can send a reply or a direct message, once you highlighted the user.

In all, the interface is pretty damn sexy; and once you get it in its dark glory, you will never want to put it down – and I know, I still use it, despite using Twitterfon, because I’m just a sucker for dark themes. The new features is, and will, put pressure on application developers to put in more features.

In short: It has balanced the terms “featured-packed” and “beautiful interface”.


The only drawback from Twitterrific, which I haven’t seen in Twitterfon – a free rival – is advertising. This has been in the application since Version 1, but they have no plans to remove it yet. The Premium Application, which costs AU$4.99, does not show advertising.

But still? Maybe it isn’t that bad. I mean, all those features for free – sometimes you have to sacrifice some things to get what you want.

You can get this at the iTunes Application Store for the free version, or for the premium version.