New Zealand man gained access to US military files

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State broadcaster, TVNZ, is reporting that a New Zealand man has gained access to personal information, including names and social security numbers, of American soldiers after buying an MP3 player, which cost him $18, from a thrift shop in Oklahoma.

Chris Ogle, from Whangerei, plugged in the MP3 to his computer and found 60 files in total. Among the information, he found lists of soldiers based in Afghanistan, and mobile phone numbers for soldiers based overseas. It has been confirmed, by TVNZ, to be active numbers.

In November of last year, the US Defence Department banned the use of portable data storage devices.

The release of its contents, however, is “prohibited” by US federal law. The US Army and the American Embassy in New Zealand have not commented on the TVNZ’s story.

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  • eddie jones

    Who was the female reporter from New Zealand’s TV ONE who uncovered this great story? And why was she showing so much cleavage when she appeared on CNN today in a film segment about the coverup? Don’t female reporters know that it’s not kosher to show too much cleavage on air, unless you are an air head!?