Samsung to bring out 22-inch monitor, compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision

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2233RZ Image_Front

CES 2009 : And you thought ViewSonic was the only one? Samsung has added the 2233RZ, it’s first 3D monitor, to its monitor lineup, and similar to the ViewSonic, it will be compatible with the new GeForce 3D Vision from NVIDIA. It will also have the same frame rate, at 120Hz, as the ViewSonic’s one.

The only downside to the 3D graphics, like almost every other 3D viewing experience, is that you have to wear the glasses to get this effect to work. While this may be a bit geeky, it will give you the ultimate 3D experience for your game, depending if you have the graphics card and the game is compatible with it.

It will have a 20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, a 1680 x 1050 native resolution, and will have a 3ms response time when in 3D (for 2D graphics, it is only 5ms). This is expected to be out in April 2009 with a price tag of US$349.